STUDY: Chevrolet Corvette Ranks Second in Vehicles That Owners Keep the Longest


STUDY: Chevrolet Corvette Ranks Second in Vehicles That Owners Keep the Longest

If the longer you own a vehicle translates into the more you love it, then the Chevrolet Corvette is the most beloved sports car in America.

No surprise to the enthusiasts who enjoy this blog, huh?

An annual study by the car search engine reveals that the average number of years that Corvette owners keep their cars is 10.5 years – second only to the top-ranked Toyota Land Cruiser at 11.4 years.

“While the average new car buyer holds onto their car for 8.4 years, there is a wide variety of cars that owners are more likely to keep longer,” said iSeeCars CEO Phong Ly. “Sports cars typically aren’t daily drivers and don’t accrue high mileage as a result, so it takes them longer to show signs of wear and tear.” reached its conclusions after studying more than 5 million vehicles sold by their original owners between Jan. 1, 2014 and Dec. 31, 2018, as they attempted to figure out which models are kept the longest.

The average length of ownership for the top 10 models ranges from 9.7 to 11.4 years, some 14.9 percent to 35 percent longer than the average of 8.4 years.

Joining the Corvette and Land Cruiser in the top 10 list are the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class at 10.3 years, Audi TT at 10.2, Ford Expedition at 10.1, Ford Mustang and Toyota 4Runner at 10.0, Porsche 911 and Toyota Sequoia at 9.9, and Toyota Avalon at 9.7.

STUDY: Chevrolet Corvette Ranks Second in Vehicles That Owners Keep the Longest

“Because sports cars aren’t typically used as primary vehicles, owners likely aren’t as concerned with having the latest and greatest technology and safety features,” said Ly. “With the exception of the Porsche 911, which is the coupe body style, the sports cars on the list are the convertible versions. Convertibles are the least-driven vehicle segment and accrue 60% less mileage than the average vehicle.”


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  1. I think this study is flawed in that it only includes original owner cars SOLD by their owners. I have kept my original owner Corvettes 50 and 15 years respectively, and all owners like me wouldn’t be included! I think the Vette should win this honor by a landslide if the true numbers were discovered!

  2. I am an original Z06 owner and have had my this Corvette for 18 years now. Not selling it anytime soon. I love this car; it still makes me smile.
    If James is right then the study is definitely flawed. It should count those who have bought their car and still have it, plus any subsequent owners who have had their car a long time.
    I agree with James that the Corvette would win hands down.

  3. Flawed? I don’t know about that. I love Corvette and to me it’s a benchmark sports car. That Land Cruiser however, has been around longer and those owners are just as loyal as Vette owners. I have a neighbor with a 1952 Land Cruiser. Still runs and he ain’t sellin. He’s 85 and still drives it.

  4. Corvette owners keep they car longer because the value drop like a rock, it’s that simple. Most owners cannot afford selling the car so they are stuck with it. Such a BS study.

  5. I’ve owned my ‘77 for 33 years and my ‘96 for 14 years. After our daughter completes college, I’ll consider buying a new mid-engine Corvette.

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