Corvettes for Sale: Would You Buy This 56,000 Mile 2019 Corvette ZR1?


Corvettes for Sale: Would You Buy a 56,000 Mile 2019 Corvette ZR1?

Photo Credit: Tim Lally Chevrolet

Most Corvettes are driven very sparingly. A quick search of reveals that of the 9,653 1953-2019 Corvettes currently listed for sale (with mileage listed and excluding rage-inducing duplicates from “home delivery” dealerships), 7,619 or 79% currently sit at under 40,000 miles. If we limit our search to cars with under 20k miles, a shocking 6,238 (64.6%) Corvettes are left standing.

Even when you take into account the 3,000ish listings for new Corvettes, these numbers are staggering for a car with history dating back to 1953! Looking just at the most recent model year, there are 374 used 2019 Corvettes back on dealer lots and 316 of them have odometer readings under 10,000 miles with the highest coming in at 31,041 on a Hertz 100th Anniversary Edition Z06 rental car (we are sure all of the drivers were gentle!).

Corvettes for Sale: Would You Buy This 56,000 Mile 2019 Corvette ZR1?

That brings us to Tim Lally Chevrolet in Cleveland, Ohio who just added the ninth 2019 ZR1 ever produced into their inventory. This supercharged monster has already traveled 56,272 miles; enough for ten round trips between Los Angeles and New York City or two whole trips around the equator with 8k miles to spare!

Of the 2,986 ZR1s in the C7 version of the ZR1 registry, this Corvette Racing Yellow unit (1 of 122) has the distinction of being the highest mileage example in existence and it probably isn’t even close! How is this even possible? Well, number nine is one of 58 ZR1s that were captured test fleet vehicles. These cars are used to verify quality standards and manufacturing procedures. They are tested and driven by GM engineers and Executives; who knows, this one could have been piloted by Tadge, Harlan, or even Mrs. Barra!

Corvettes for Sale: Would You Buy This 56,000 Mile 2019 Corvette ZR1?

Along with the low VIN, ridiculous mileage, and rare-ish color, it is also one of only 884 ZR1s with three-pedals. It is also one of the 196 C7 ZR1s ordered with the lighter weight 1ZR standard equipment group and one of 1,045 equipped with the base GT Seats. Interestingly, it has both the ZTK high wing (installed) and the standard spoiler.

One final interesting tidbit for Corvette fans; the Camaro ZL1 1LE parked next to our well-worn ZR1 is wearing a color called Shock. It is interesting to compare the outgoing Corvette Racing Yellow with the new, exotic highlighter yellow side by side! Thanks for that, Tim Lally!

Regardless of your feelings about the two yellow hues, the real question here is… would you spend $100,493 on a ZR1 with this kind of mileage?

Tim Lally Chevrolet

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  1. The number’s off base for the mileage, but it’s refreshing to see a Corvette that was actually driven and not merely admired in a garage.

  2. My 2005 C6 has 105k…..have enjoyed every mile!!…….when my C8 is ready to pick up, someone will get a GREAT car…never raced….never wrecked….for under 20k….and hopefully I’ll be able to repeat the milage with the C8…

  3. Corvettes are like Super Models – great to look at but you don’t want one in your home.

  4. First to answer the question, no.

    I would spend 100,000 (if I had it) on a 2020 configuration of my choice (actually came in at $92,500)…

    I currently own a 2016 Stingray C7 that is my daily driver and is sitting at a whopping 97,000 miles 🙂
    I plan to put another 90k on it over the next 5 years until I am able to get a 2020 in a more affordable price range…

    Buying a 2019, even one as hot as a ZR1… this close to the amazing mid engine C8 corvettes, just seems like a complete waste in my opinion!

    Chevy out did themselves with the C8 and IMO that is the car to have, in pretty much any configuration!!!

  5. Would want to see the repair / service history. Would only pay that price for that car if no others were available. The 755hp C7 will always be a very special Corvette and will (probably) only go up in value over the years regardless of mileage.

  6. NO …. I’ll stick with my C7 Z06 manual trans …. and I can’t afford two Vettes …. plus, yes, interesting history possibilities, but since that question is not clear…. No, I would buy it, the car is overpriced.

  7. I think the price is too high for what you are getting. It seems that “mileage” is the Holy Grail for Corvette prices, and it seems people’s top priority is the mileage, over all other factors. However, a well maintained, well cared for high mileage Corvette is sometimes a better deal, then a lower mileage car, that has been abused, and has had poor maintenance. One of my Corvettes is a 94 coupe. I bought it used and it now has
    112,000 miles on it. It looks good, runs great, doesn’t use any oil, and passes smog with very low emissions.

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