[VIDEO] Police Called for Reckless Corvette Driver After Woman Records His Erratic Driving


[VIDEO] Police Called for Reckless Corvette Driver After Woman Records His Erratic Driving

We’re not sure what the story is about the dangerous driver of this yellow C5 Corvette coupe in San Antonio, Texas last week.

We’re just glad his erratic weaving on the road around 1 p.m. Tuesday didn’t eventually lead to him or anyone else getting hurt.

A woman caught it all on video as she first noticed the Corvette near Hausman and 1604. She eventually followed him to a Circle K on Culebra Road, watching as he nearly ran into 10 cars and drove on the wrong side of the road along the way.

After the man finally came to a stop and climbed out of his car, the videographer asked the Corvette driver if he was having any trouble, and despite an unsteady gait that matched his driving skills, he replied that he was not aware he had struck a white car pulling into the gas station.

He then got back into the Corvette and drove over to the nearby Salons by JC, where he proceeded to get his hair cut.

At least he will look nice for his mug shot as the videographer had called police while she was following the Corvette. They arrived soon after his haircut and escorted him out of the salon, though a KENS-TV reporter says it’s still unclear if the man will face any charges.

We don’t wish anyone ill will, but he definitely should be charged with something because he could have killed or seriously injured someone during this escapade.

By the way, KENS-TV says if you ever see a driver you suspect is under the influence, police suggest you shouldn’t chase the vehicle but should instead get the make, model, color, and license plate and call 911.


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