Detroit Police Seeking Help in Finding Hit and Run Corvette Driver


Detroit Police Seeking Help in Finding Hit and Run Corvette Driver

Police in Detroit are asking for the public’s help in locating a speeding gray C7 Corvette Z06 that fled the scene after clipping a woman standing in the middle of a downtown street earlier this summer.

A video released by police shows the victim, 33-year-old Kristen Forbing, jaywalking across a street to talk to the driver of a pickup street stopped in the area of Elizabeth and Park avenues. During that conversation, the Corvette – driven by a woman – struck the truck and the 33-year-old woman, then fled north of Park Avenue and headed west on Elizabeth Avenue.

“We saw the same Corvette whip around the corner and he said watch out – but it was too late,” Forbing told Fox2 News.

Forbing admits watching the video isn’t easy and says she “can’t believe I’m alive.”

She wound up with a chipped tooth and a bruised shoulder.

“I’m just living every day now, thankful to be alive,” she told Fox2. “(It) propelled me onto the car. I was smashed in-between the cars and then on the ground.”

Forbing says she doesn’t have a grudge towards the hit-and-run driver but adds, “the fact that she is whipping around corners, trying to be cool in a Corvette is just ridiculous.”

“It was an accident,” Forbing said. “I have no ill feelings against her but when you doing something so badly you have to own up for what you’ve done.”

Forbing told Fox2 that she was meeting someone to have a date night at Cliff Bell’s Jazz Club.

“He said you wait for me,” she said. “I will park the car.”

Fox 2 says the man parked his truck, but to us, the video seems to show him just stopping in the left lane of the street.

Forbing told Fox 2 that her date then said: “‘I don’t have $10 for parking; do you have cash?’ I said no problem.”

That’s when the Corvette clipped her. While the Corvette driver is definitely at fault, we’re wondering where the victim’s responsibility also lies in this case – the video seems to show her not looking to her left or right to check for traffic before apparently jaywalking to the truck.

We’re surprised authorities weren’t able to track down this Corvette pretty easily as it had two very unique identifying marks – a temporary paper license in the rear window and a broken driver’s side mirror. We would suspect there wouldn’t have been too many Z06s newly registered around that time frame, but since the incident happened way back on June 7, the car could have already been repaired and/or sold by now.


Even at that, though, police have surveillance video of the suspected female Corvette driver, who was wearing a gray top, gray shorts, and white shoes and was carrying a black purse, apparently snapped as she headed for her car.

Forbing says she had seen the Corvette earlier that night parked near the Rusted Crow Bar. If you recognize the Corvette driver, Detroit police would like to hear from you at 313-596-1340 or you can contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.

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  1. Did she get a ticket for jay walking and causing the accident in the first place ? She is the one at fault.

  2. On her way to “meet a date” dressed like that?


    I will make no further mention what several readers here are likely thinking here, so all I will say is 1. don’t jaywalk, and 2. never stand in the middle of the street!


  3. I thought jaywalking was only wrong in Mayberry. I’ve never heard of such a thing here way down south. Way way down. Not south carolina. That’s not very south enough.

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