Question of the Week: The Ultimate Two Corvette Garage


Question of the Week: The Ultimate Two Corvette Garage

We are trying something new here at CorvetteBlogger thanks to a suggestion by our new contributor Alex Sommers. A question about Corvettes will be circulated to each of our writers and then posted with each of our opinions. You can then chime in with your answers in the comments section below.

What two Corvettes would you have in your ultimate Corvette Garage?

(Movie Trailer Voice): In a world where large car collections have been outlawed, (normal voice now if you want) you have unlimited funds available but you are limited by law to only two collector/performance cars. In this scenario, even with limitless capital, many of us would have to use our two legal parking spots on Corvettes. The history, the performance, the sound, and the everyday usability can’t be replaced. If you only get two enthusiast-oriented vehicles, Corvettes are a perfect choice. What two would you choose?

Alex Sommers
With only two available spots, I think I’d skip the collectors and go straight for the two Corvettes that I would enjoy the most. My ultimate hypothetical pair of ‘Vettes would have to start with an Inferno Orange 2011 Z06 Carbon. I need an LS7 (still the most powerful naturally aspirated Corvette engine) in my garage and this is the best way to get it, paired with other serious equipment for the best possible driving experience wrapped in a beautiful exterior.

I’m sticking with orange for the second slot too. The other Corvette I’d get would be a manual 2019 ZR1 ZTK with the Sebring Orange Design Package. It is the final front engine Corvette, the final Corvette with a manual transmission, and the ultimate expression of the car that we all love.

I am closely watching the C8 Z06 though. If the rumors of a high-revving, naturally aspirated 5.5L V8 making about 600 HP come to fruition, I’d have to replace one of the orange cars with a C8Z in Rapid Blue.

2011 Corvette Z06 Carbon Edition

Steve Burns
I’d pick 1 older vette and 1 newer vette.

For the older car, I’m going with a 1957 airbox fuelie. With only 43 built, they’re rarer than an L88 or Z06 and tend to fly under the radar. When was the last time you saw one in person? I’ll take mine in triple black, please.

For the newer one, I have to go with a 2019 ZR1 in Corvette Racing Yellow with the ZTK package. Add in a red interior and chrome wheels and I’m good to go. The C7 ZR1 is the ultimate Corvette built to date. A proper send-off for the front-engine Corvette that we’ve known for 66 years.

1957 Corvette Airbox

Mitch Talley
My first thought was a 1967 L88 427/430, but then I wasn’t sure how practical that would be since I’m not that good with a clutch. So then I fell victim to the old “latest-greatest” philosophy, so my first choice would be a Sebring Orange 2019 ZR1 with the 3ZR Preferred Equipment Group, automatic transmission, and ZTK Track Performance Package. That would rank as the greatest of the front-engine Corvettes. Then I must admit, like everyone else, I’ve fallen in love with the new mid-engine Corvette, so I’d have to get a 2020 Torch Red Z51 coupe with the 3LT package, high wing spoiler, front end lift, two-tone Adrenaline Red interior, engine appearance package, black wheels, and well, just go ahead and check off every option on the list since money is no object in this dream world.

I must admit, however, that it would be hard to limit my choices to just two, so I’d try to slip some more in there somewhere during the middle of the night – like a silver 1963 split window coupe, the blue ’67 L88, a red 1989 coupe (my second new Corvette), and a couple of Pace Cars from 1978 and 1998.

2019 Corvette ZR1

Keith Cornett
My first thought was which Corvette I would want to pair with my dad’s 1966 Corvette Sting Ray that he bought new. After all, no other Corvette is as priceless as that car is to me. But since we are talking hypotheticals, I’ll pick my two favorites from the 66 years of Corvettes produced.

My first “ultimate” Corvette would be a 1988 C4 Corvette known as the Callaway Sledgehammer. That car ran a top speed of 254.76 mph with John Lingenfelter behind the wheel at the Transportation Research Center’s test track in Ohio. It’s one of the most well-known later model Corvettes and it made a huge impression on me in the formative days. Just thinking about it has me humming the Peter Gabriel song, “I want to be…your Sledgehammer!” The Callaway Sledgehammer has come up for sale a couple of times over the last few years and maybe it will once again!

As for my second “ultimate” Corvette, I have to go midyear but was initially torn between a 1963 Split Window Z06 or one of the 20 1967 L88s. While the numbers are definintely on the side of owning the L88, the iconic split-window coupe design rules all other choices moot. And since we are going with the ’63 Sting Ray, let’s make it “big tank” Z06 while we are at it.

1988 Callaway Corvette Sledgehammer

So now that’s we’ve told you what our choices would be for the ultimate two-car Corvette garage, tell us which two Corvettes would be in your garage if you had an unlimited budget.

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  1. Nassau Blue 1965 396/425 with side pipes so I could wrestle with it and listen to it; and a Goodwood Green 1967 327/300 Auto and AC so I didn’t have to wrestle with it or listen to it. 🙂

  2. I am fortunate to have a 67 L79 roadster and a 7speed C-7. One is like flying a biplane and the other a F-18.

  3. The 2 that i bought brand new, a ’67 Lyndale blue coupe, black std. interior, 327/300 4 speed, 3:36 posi rear, tinted glass, speed warning speedo, am/fm radio, and the std. equipment miles of smiles that only a 20 year old guy has. Second was a ’71 LT-! ontario orange two top roadster, black std. interior & folding top that was so docile until you dropped the hammer and power shifted thru the gears that you were always in a state of euphoria !

  4. The two of my favorite cars that were side by side in my garage a1963 red on red roadster and a 1963 split window cp. White with red interior. Sure miss those cars.

  5. I would choose, and one day eventually get, a black 1963 split window Sting Ray! I bought my first Corvette in 2017 – a black C7 2017 Corvette Stingray (presently my #1 in my Garage). Come to me number 2 – my birth year Split Window 1963 shiny, sexy Black Sting Ray! Yeah baby!

  6. The timeless 1967 coupe with any 427 and side pipes. Must have a 4 speed trans and any color is a winner. The other one would have to be a C6 Z06 carbon. LS7 power, and the C6 lines “flow” and will be timeless like the C2 in the future.

  7. I had a great two Corvette garage several years ago: 1963 Daytona Blue / Blue 327 – 300HP Split Window and a 1996 Grand Sport Convertible. Then I got sick for 8 months with stomach problems that no doctor could diagnose. Lost 35 pounds and thought I was going to die so I sold both cars and put the money in the bank for my wife and kids. Did not want her to have to deal with selling them. I slowly started getting better but the cars were gone. Never replaced them but I think it’s time for a 2020. To keep it company, then maybe a 78 or 79 L-82 with 4-speed for those days you just feel like driving a manual. So nice to dream !

  8. The cars I have now: a Marina Blue ‘67 Coupe with a 427-400 4 speed, factory air and pipes; a yellow 3LT automatic C7. I hope to swap the C7 for a C8 in a couple of years but after 42 years with the C2 it is going nowhere but back into my garage.

  9. My first corvette will be like many others have gone – a 2019 ZR1 convertible in Elkhart Lake Blue with a manual and all other options. It is the ultimate rear wheel drive Corvette while it stays true to my 2019 Stingray Convertible. My second corvette is the 1971 Corvette built for Jimmie Johnson. It is very close to my first Corvette a 1972 Steel City Gray Coupe but features the modern LT1 motor – it doesn’t get better than that for me.

  10. I have my pair now. An Elkhart Blue 67 coupe, 327/375, pwr steering, pwr brakes, power glide trans, 30,000 miles and original. A beauty. Then, an Admiral Blue 2017 Z06 3LZ with Z07 package. A beast. Both very fun to drive for different reasons.

  11. I don’t have an unlimited budget, but I do have my beloved 1990 Arctic White Coupe (my first, owned since 1993)) and my 2017 Watkins Grey Grand Sport with CF trim (my 4th, after a 2007 Z51 coupe & 1014 Stingray Z51) in my garage. I count myself lucky. Also my 2000 Suzuki Hayabusa…last of the “unlimiteds”. Not bad for a little old lady from Victoria, BC.

  12. While I do not have any where near an unlimited budget, I do have my own dream garage with two Corvettes…both Grand Sports, but 56 years apart. The ’63 was built as a duplicate to the original GS #004 with a 377, cross-ram Webers, and Halibrand knock-offs. The other Grand Sport is a ’19, Long Beach red, 3LT, Kalihari interior, chrome wheels and the Z06 spoiler. Both are extremely fun to drive.

  13. The two Corvettes I would have in my garage are my current 18 Torch Red Grand Sport (because it is my first Corvette, it is equivalent to my first girlfriend) with the 7-speed manual transmission, and the future all-electric Corvette. I have a 100-amp charging station already installed that is used for my wife’s Bolt.

  14. 1963 Grand Sport (the blue coupe) The other Corvette I’d get would be a manual 2019 ZR1 ZTK in white with red interior.

  15. Unlimitless funds …… I’d start by buying some politicians and changing the law ! As an older corvette fan but still young enough to appreciate speed and flat out power , I can honestly say that the rules to this are unfair and rely totally on opinion and tastes . Oh … maybe that’s what your going for . Ok
    White 53 with the blue flame 6. From my knowledge it’s still the only 6 cyd Vette , but it is where it all started . And though it is white ( not a fan of white cars , men should not drive white cars ) it is legendary . If another crazy law comes out that prevents a 53 then any other 50s corvette in red with white in-coves.
    The C-6 zr1 I think is the prettiest and all around best performer of all of them ! I’ll take mine in black metallic thx .
    After I get the law changed . 63 split window red ….. 65 convertible white ( I know what I said above ) 82 black
    C-4 sledgehammer ( goods call above ) 2000 c-5 (because that was my first vette ) 2016 red zo6 …. 2020 red

  16. A super fast all-electric replica ’63 Grand Sport coupe to complement my super civilized ’66 327/300 roadster.

  17. Wow what an awesome dream! My 2 choices are…
    1) One of 5 original 1963 Grand Sports. Ideally #2 which is in the Simeone Museum due to it’s originality including a 377 CI engine.
    2) The red 12 original mile 1967 L88 Corvette coupe. However ideally the original engine should be found and installed in the car. Perfect!
    That would an AWESOME! The ultimate Corvette Garage!

  18. Simple i would have a 1965 396 tank car with side pipes and power steering black with red interior. The second would be my 2015 Z 51 black with black interior manual transmission. easy to please.

  19. I already have them, absolutely, it’s my 62 triple black convertible and my Ermine white 63 split window with red interior, or is it my silver 68 427 or my first baby owned 35 years, the 64 saddle tan convertible that’s rebuilt from frame up? How can I ignore two of my children?

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