The Amazing Corvette Collection You Could Have Instead of One Bugatti


The Amazing Corvette Collection You Could Have Instead of One Bugatti

In early September, Bugatti announced that a modified version of their Chiron hypercar had set a production car record by hitting 304.77 MPH. Many people said the speed record didn’t really count because it was a modified vehicle.

So last week, the French VW affiliate announced that they would build 30 examples of the improved Chiron, now badged Chiron Super Sport 300+. Each of these ultra-limited Bugatti’s receive a longer/more aerodynamic body and a bump to 1,578 HP for their quad-turbo W16 engine.

All of this sounds very impressive until you happen upon the asking price. Each Super Sport 300+ commands $3.9 Million!

Bugatti Super Sport 300+

Since this is CorvetteBlogger, that got us thinking, “You could amass a heck of a collection of America’s Sports Car for that kind of cash.”

Of course, none of them will do 300 MPH but in all likelihood, neither will any of the Bugatti’s; they are more likely to be parked outside casinos in Monaco, driven into lakes while onlookers mistake them for Lambos, and crashed by Tracy Morgan.

Here are all of the amazing Corvettes you could get with almost $4 million (all prices come from actual cars currently for sale, recent auction results, Hagerty’s Valuation Tool, Chevrolet’s Configurators, and the websites for Callaway and Katech):

The Amazing Corvette Collection You Could Have Instead of One Bugatti

In the end, we ended up with 20 Corvettes spanning all eight generations, a total of 9,933 Horsepower, and we still had $314,100 leftover to continue adding to the collection as more mid-engine variants keep showing up.

This kind of perspective makes the Bugatti look pretty trivial (looks already haven’t been a particularly strong point of modern Bugatti’s). Not only are you getting a legitimately world-class collection if you chose the Corvettes but you are also getting the more engaging cars.

1971 Corvette ZR2

1971 Corvette ZR2

Bugatti’s have long been ridiculed as being heavy, one-dimensional vehicles that act more as a show of wealth than objects of motoring passion. The ‘Vettes on the other hand each have a distinct personality, are super-engaging, and non-pretentious. Give us $3.9 Million to spend on automobiles and we would be out the door running to our Chevrolet dealership… at 300+ MPH.


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  1. To me..concerning this Bugatti, it doesn’t matter how much horsepower it has, or how fast it can go, its STILL as ugly as a mud fence..

  2. I’d like to see a Bugatti Demolition Derby…. now that would be something memorable! 🙂

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