Callaway Corvette Collection Offered for $995,000


Callaway Corvette Collection Offered for $995,000

Country music legend George Strait turned “Amarillo by Morning” into a big hit in the 1980s.

If you climb into your car and make it to “Amarillo by Morning,” you might just be in time to see a one-of-a-kind collection of Corvettes and other rare cars.

That Texas city is the location of a fellow named Ron Baldwin, who is offering a collection of 18 rare Corvettes at his website,

Perhaps most impressive is the Callaway Group Collection that is being offered for the cool price of $995,000!

Baldwin says it’s the only collection in the world that includes a Callaway Corvette of each year made from 1986 to 1991.

Callaway Corvette Collection Offered for $995,000

The six-Corvette collection starts with a 1986 Callaway Malcolm Konner edition, claimed to be the only one in existence. It features the 4+3 manual transmission with the special Konner two-tone paint and silver interior still in the shipping plastic – and just 11,101 miles on the odometer.

Next up is a 1987 Callaway Convertible, one of just 167 built. The red/black top with graphite interior Corvette also has the 4+3 transmission and just 4,959 miles.

A 1988 Callaway Convertible with dark metallic red paint over saddle interior and a 4+3 transmission is one of only 105 made and has 7,938 miles.

Fourth on the list is a 1989 Callaway Coupe, one of just 51 produced. This black six-speed car with a red interior has gone just 8,443 miles.

Callaway Corvette Collection Offered for $995,000

A 1990 Callaway Coupe, one of 59, comes with a Callaway Aero Body, red paint, saddle interior, and six-speed transmission and has 9,848 miles.

Rounding out the collection is a 1991 Callaway Convertible with 3,789 miles. One of just 63 built, this Callaway Aero Body six-speed car is triple black.

Callaway Corvette Collection Offered for $995,000

Twelve other Corvettes up for sale include two red and one white 1962 convertibles, a maroon 1966 convertible, two 1987 Callaway coupes (one yellow and one silver), two 1989 Callaway convertibles (one red and one white), two ZR-1s (a 1990 and a 1995), a 1997 black coupe with 320 miles, and a 2002 with a power retractable hardtop (one of only two in existence).

Also available in the collection is a 1957 fuel-injected Bel Air, a 1994 Camaro factory built with a Corvette engine, and a 2016 custom Dodge Hemi Hellcat.

Oh, just in case you’re wondering, if all the cars sell for their asking prices, you’d need to write a check for $2,095,000 to bring them all home with you!

Callaway Corvette Collection Offered for $995,000


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