[VIDEO] Brett Favre and Peyton Manning Go For Drive in Green Bay in Bart Starr’s 1967 Corvette


[VIDEO] Brett Favre and Peyton Manning Go For Drive in Green Bay in Bart Starr's 1967 Corvette

Two NFL legends behind the wheel of a classic Corvette.

That’s just one of the many places you’ll find Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning as he hosts a 30-episode series called “Peyton’s Places” that is helping celebrate the National Football League’s 100th anniversary.

Manning recently climbed into the passenger seat of a Goodwood Green 1967 Corvette that was originally presented to another NFL legend, Bart Starr, as MVP of the first Super Bowl.

At the steering wheel on this day, however, was former Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre, who proved his mettle with a four-speed manual transmission in the classic Corvette.

“Hey, I drive tractors every day,” Favre quips. “This is nothing compared to the tractor I drive around Mississippi.”

Ironically, the two quarterbacks are the only ones in NFL history to have beaten all 32 teams during their careers, but Manning does hold an edge over Favre in at least one category: career TD passes. Favre had been the all-time leader with 508 until Manning snapped his record and eventually finished with 539. (Active players Drew Brees and Tom Brady have already passed Favre and are closing in on Manning.)_

Favre was full of one-liners as he and Manning motored down Green Bay streets, including a turn onto Lombardi Avenue and a visit to the one-time home of legendary Packers coach Vince Lombardi.

Asked by Manning if a street had been named for him in Green Bay, Favre said with a laugh, “I think it’s an alley. (Mike) Holmgren got the big street. Go figure.”


On the trip, Favre also remarks that he once lived half a mile from Lambeau Field, “as the crow flies,” and fans sometimes saw him walking there in flip flops – looking like a homeless guy.

The clips are part of a teaser reel for the documentary series hosted by Manning and ESPN’s Chris Mortensen. You can see it on YouTube here.

During the filming of the series, Manning says he visited places that have made the NFL what it is today and the people that have been a part of those places, “trying to tell the story of how the NFL was started and how it has grown through the years and how it got to the point of its incredible popularity and success today.”

While Manning admits “you can’t tell every story of 100 years,” there are certain places that “you just have to go,” like around Green Bay in a Corvette once driven by the legendary Starr.

“Brett and I drove that car over to Vince Lombardi’s house,” Manning says, “so to be able to do things like that and go to places like that, that’s kinda why I signed up for this opportunity.”

The 1967 Corvette and another 1968 Rally Red Corvette won by Starr as MVP of Super Bowl II are normally displayed at The Automobile Gallery, 400 S. Adams St., Green Bay, but they’ll be moved briefly to Rawhide in New London on Saturday in recognition of Starr’s life and his strong support of the faith-based charity offering at-risk youth programs in Wisconsin.


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