[VIDEO] Walk Around of 10 C8 Corvettes Found at a Bowling Green Hotel


[VIDEO] Walk Around of 10 C8 Corvettes Found at Bowling Green Hotel

For as long as the Corvette team has come to Bowling Green to present the latest models at the National Corvette Museum, Corvette enthusiasts have staked out various hotels in Bowling Green to search for examples of the latest models that are being driven by the engineers.

That tradition continued for those hunting the next-generation C8 mid-engine Corvette in advance of the National Corvette Museum’s 25th Anniversary Celebration.

We previously shared a video from Drive 615 who captured a Black Corvette Stingray at a Home Depot last month. Byron was back in town for the NCM show and went on the hunt to find the elusive Corvette Stingrays before the show started. To say he was a happy YouTuber after finding 10 C8 Corvettes at the Drury Inn would be an understatement!

[VIDEO] Walk Around of 10 C8 Corvettes Found at Bowling Green Hotel

He does a walk around the various cars and also captures several cold starts as the Corvette engineers head out for the 10 drive to the National Corvette Museum.

Byron says in the description of the YouTube video:

No joke. I found ten 2020 Corvette C8’s in one parking lot in Bowling Green Kentucky near the National Corvette Museum.

We met Bryon on Thursday morning at the NCM as we got in extra early to start the day. Already there were a couple of C8’s in the “Vendor” parking area which and several more arrived as we made introductions. By the end of the day, we were chasing down the C8s together as they left the Museum along Corvette Drive.

Byron has some great videos of the C8 Corvette which we plan on sharing this week. If you can’t wait, check out his YouTube channel and make sure you subscribe!

Drive 615 / YouTube

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