New Chevrolet Patent Features Bow-Tie Branded Brake Rotors


New Chevrolet Patent Features Bow-Tie Branded Brake Rotors

Chevy could soon be trying to fill a niche in the brake rotor market, according to the website

They say the GM division has filed a patent for branded brake rotors that would have Chevy’s Bowtie logo cut into the surface of the rotor – something that is not available on the market now.

If you’re worried that the decorative cutout would lessen the performance of the brake rotor or take a bigger chunk out of your wallet, don’t be concerned, at least according to the patent filing.

New Chevrolet Patent Features Bow-Tie Branded Brake Rotors

Chevy seems to be trying to convince owners to use brake rotors actually made by the company instead of resorting to aftermarket, non-bowtie brands.

The new strategy would allow enthusiasts to tell at a glance who’s getting their rotors from Chevy and who are using those “bargain” brands obtained online.

“When a wear item like this is branded you’re more likely to go to a dealership for service meaning a long term revenue source for Chevy,” motor1 says.

So would something like this make a difference for you? For us, the final decision would likely depend on any significant difference in the cost of Chevy vs. off-brand rotors.

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  1. What the advantages over other “high performance” brake rotors. Otherwise, I think it’s a gimmick to drive people to dealership service where others are service outlets are probably equally as good.

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