[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Stingray Fuel Economy Clues Discovered During NCM Presentation


[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Stingray Fuel Economy Clues Discovered During NCM Presentation

With 495 Horses under the hood…or I guess I should say “under the rear hatch” now…fuel economy questions have been asked across a broad array of social media platforms with no real answers until now.

Some would argue that fuel economy is irrelative when driving a Corvette, saying that if you’re impressed with your Corvette’s fuel economy numbers then you’re not having enough fun! However, since I’m a middle of the road guy and prefer fewer fuel stops on longer road trips, I am definitely interested in where the actual fuel economy ratings will land.

While the official fuel economy ratings for the 2020 Corvette Stingray have yet to be announced, a few clues were provided during Harlan Charles’ presentation on the 2020 Stingray’s interior electronic components at the National Corvette Museum’s 25th Anniversary Celebration.

[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Stingray Fuel Economy Clues Discovered During NCM Presentation

The first clue comes from a screenshot of the Driver Information Center on a 2020 Stingray that ironically also had 2020 miles on the odometer. Under “Current Driver Cycle” we find:

  • Distance: 120.0 mi
  • Fuel Economy: 25 mpg
  • Time: 2h 45min

Driving 120 miles over 2 hours and 45 minutes equates to an average speed of 43.63 mph. I drive my daily driver approximately 50,000 miles per year and reset my average speed at every fill-up. A mid-40s speed average usually results from a fairly even combination of highway and city driving. In this particular case, the driver of this 2020 Stingray averaged 25 mpg, which is quite impressive.

[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Stingray Fuel Economy Clues Discovered During NCM Presentation

A second clue is found in a screenshot on a 2020 Corvette showing 1826 miles on the odometer that provides the following under “Trip 1.”

  • Distance: 354.3 mi
  • Speed: 34.2 mph
  • Fuel Economy: 18.1 mpg

Based on my experience, an average speed of 34.2 is the result of primarily city driving. With an 18.1 average fuel economy, I’m guessing that the driver of this particular 2020 Stingray enjoys having a little fun from time to time.

[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Stingray Fuel Economy Clues Discovered During NCM Presentation

We discovered a final clue in a screenshot from the same 1826 mile Corvette that shows the heading “Fuel Economy.” Under that heading we see:

  • Last 50 mi Average: 13.7 mpg
  • Best: 28.7 mpg

So, either the driver was stuck in traffic or was having a pretty good time! With a 50 mi Average “Best” of 28.7 mpg during 1826 miles of driving, I wouldn’t be surprised if we eventually see some with “Best” averages above the 30 mpg mark.

We’re not going to try to guess what the final EPA fuel economy ratings are, but we’d love to hear your best guesses. Feel free to share your “City” and “Highway” guesses below. And here is Harlan’s presentation on the Driver Information Center, Infotainment System, Performance Data Recorder, and Bose Sound System in its entirety for those interested in watching it as well.

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  1. As an engineer, I am all about fuel economy, but, being worried about fuel economy in a 200mph hot rod like this is like asking the kid behind the counter at Krispy Kreme about the nutritional value of their products.

    That being said, these numbers don’t look too shabby if accurate!

  2. I calculate my mpg at every fill-up and across several brands (Chevy, Ford, & Toyota), I’ve found that their computer generated mpg is typically 0.3-0.6 mpg high w/ Toyota being the closest. Not sure why this is unless it’s intentional.

  3. The mpg that my 2013 BMW E92 335is M-Sport coupe shows is fairly accurate, but the projected range, on average, is about 100 miles short at refuel time, as compared to what it projected as I topped it off. The 2007 Prius I had before the Bimmer (I know guys, I know…) was extremely accurate.

    I am not too overly concerned about fuel economy; I’m just trying to reclaim my carbon footprint..LOL!

  4. Yes, I saw that, too, yesterday. Tadge Juchter mentioned that MPG will be on the level of the C7 Stingray. Cd values are about the same, too. The gearbox may make a difference.

  5. Computerized gearbox and engine management nowadays is pretty impressive. Driving style is also a huge factor too!

    I think its a safe bet to say that MPG numbers will likely be on par with the C7.

  6. My 64 327 365 hp original Sting Ray Coupe gets fed a blended mix of 110 octane leaded VP fuel at $9 a gallon and 90 octane no ethanol at $3.75 a gallon and she averages 10 mpg at best. The new C8 is an economy car, I don’t think it could ever reach 10 mpg on 93 octane at $3 a gallon even if you tried, have fun, this Corvette is awesome!!!

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