[VIDEO] C8 Corvettes Arrive on Thursday to the Corvette Display at Corvettes at Carlisle


[VIDEO] C8 Corvettes Arrive on Thursday to the Corvette Display at Corvettes at Carlisle

A quick video of a group of 2020 Corvettes arriving at Corvettes at Carlisle. The Corvette team already had three Corvettes first displayed at the reveal.

They include the Torch Red, Ceramic Matrix Gray and the Zeuz Bronze Stingrays. The Red and Ceramic Gray Corvettes are set up at the pop-up Corvette Building while the Zeus Bronze Stingray is located in the Corvette Engineer’s tent. Joining them are four more cars that were driven to the show by members of the Corvette engineering team.

While all the Reveal Corvettes on display featured the 3LT trim packages, we finally get to see a couple of 1LT and 2LT models join the fray.

CorvetteBlogger.com contributor Jeremy Welborn captured the cars and uploaded the video to YouTube:

We also have this other video from Jeremy showing several Corvette engineers arriving in their 2020 Corvettes. These Corvettes were parked in the VIP parking lot.

It’s a rainy Friday morning at Carlisle but that’s not stopping the fun! Stay tuned for more from Corvettes at Carlisle!

Jeremy Welborn / YouTube

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