Teen Corvette Driver Arrested After Hit and Run at the Woodward Dream Cruise


Teen Corvette Driver Arrested After Hit and Run at the Woodward Dream Cruise

Photo Credit: Bloomfield Hills Public Safety Department)

The Woodward Dream Cruise turned into a nightmare for the owners of a 1954 Chevy pickup and a 2015 Corvette last week.

An Ohio couple was in Bloomfield Hills for the annual Dream Cruise when a New Jersey teenager crashed their plans, literally.

Police say an 18-year-old New Jersey man was drag racing about 1 p.m. on Aug. 19 in a black C7 Corvette on northbound Woodward, near Long Lake Road, when he fishtailed and lost control of the car, ramming into the classic pickup and then speeding away.

The truck was not drivable after the crash, leaving its owners upset, to say the least.

“They weren’t happy at all,” Bloomfield Hills Police Lt. Jeff Gormley said. “They had just arrived that morning and were planning on sticking around through Sunday.”

While the Corvette sped off after the crash, officers were eventually able to locate it after talking to witnesses and collecting evidence at the scene.

The teenager will appear in court on Sept. 6 to answer charges of drag racing and leaving the scene of an accident.


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  1. he should’ve just stopped and faced the music. You do the crime, you do the time! Don’t give young vette owners and drivers a bad name because you can’t man up…

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