[ACCIDENT] Canadian Corvette Driver Runs From Police and Crashes into Two Vehicles


[ACCIDENT] Canadian Corvette Driver Runs From Police and Crashes into Two Vehicles

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He should have just took his medicine to start with, and he might still have a red C7 Corvette that isn’t torn to shreds.

That’s one lesson learned Sunday afternoon in British Columbia, Canada when a person tried to get away from police in his Stingray, frequently hitting high speeds and ultimately smashing into two other vehicles before being apprehended by Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The Corvette driver first fled police in Merritt, a city located 271 kilometers northeast of Vancouver. Officers there didn’t pursue the car for public safety reasons, but they notified police in Okanagan that the red Corvette was headed towards Kelowna.

The Corvette was soon spotted by officers as it zoomed past them at high speed on Highway 97C near Paradise Valley, which obviously didn’t live up to its name for the driver.

By the time he was done “visiting” Paradise Valley, the driver wound up causing two collisions, destroying the Corvette, and being arrested, according to Cpl. Mike Halskov.

“The Corvette had side-swiped another vehicle and kept going. The occupants of the side-swiped vehicle were not injured,” Halskov said. “The Corvette then rear-ended a travel trailer being pulled by a pickup truck. The occupants of the pickup-trailer combination were not injured.”

With the front end of the Stingray destroyed, the suspect fled again, this time on foot.

“With the assistance of members of the public, police were able to contain and apprehend the individual who is well known to police,” Halskov said.

While the investigation is still underway, police are expecting to file several charges against the still-unidentified driver, including dangerous operation of a vehicle, failing to remain at the scene of an accident, and driving while suspended.


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  1. I will never understand why these scumbag POS cannot be put to death! The article says he is well known to police which tells you he’s always fucking up. The math is very very simple, if he’s dead he cannot cause anymore grief to society.

  2. Perhaps a background check, before you could buy or even drive a Corvette…weed out some of the low lifes

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