[STOLEN] Sheriff’s Deputy Shoots Teen Who Tried to Steal His Corvette


[STOLEN] Sheriff's Deputy Shoots Teen Who Tried to Steal His Corvette

Don’t mess with a cop’s Corvette!

That’s the underlying story from Chicago after a sheriff’s deputy shot a teenager who tried to steal his Corvette on Monday evening.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that an unnamed 50-year-old Cook County Sheriff’s deputy was on his lunch break and took his 2015 Arctic White Corvette Stingray to a car wash in the Little Village neighborhood around 8:30 pm.

As the deputy stepped away from the car for a moment, a 16-year-old boy jumped in the vehicle. The deputy pulled his handgun and fired shots at the teen, striking him in the shoulder.

The photo shows shattered glass on the ground as authorities taped off the area for the investigation.

The teen boy was transported to Stroger Hospital and police say his injuries were non-life threatening. Following the incident, the deputy also complained of shortness of breath and he was transported to Rush University Medical Center.


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  1. I’m not saying that I don’t like the outcome of this story, but if the owner hadn’t been a police officer, he’d be the one in jail. It is not lawful to draw and fire your weapon at someone simply stealing your car, who poses no direct threat to you of loss of life or grave bodily injury.

  2. Car wash??!!?? WTF!!?? I would NEVER take my C6 to a car wash, wow. And I agree with the previous post. Although we are stuck in a Trump-ism where anyfriggenthing goes apparently.

  3. We were not there. I don’t think we are getting the whole story. If you listen to the news report they say a weapon was recovered, maybe the officers life was threatened. You have to trust trained law enforcement professionals.

  4. Never steal a man’s Corvette. That’s about as low as it gets. That’s akin to stealing his — dog. Bad juju for those who even attempt it.

  5. ….never steal a man’s corvette its like stealing his horse…in the old times they ‘t hang you…

  6. MK is correct. However, when a life-threatening situation (thief takes car while holding you at gunpoint) presents itself, the crime quickly escalates from a “car theft” to a “carjacking”, and depending on what state you’re in – always know your local laws if you carry – you would be justified firing your weapon at the thief. Would it be worth it? Most likely not…especially in a state like Illinois (Obama Country) where the judicial system is upside down…

  7. We know at least one weapon had to be recovered at the scene. I agree that if the teen didn’t have a weapon, then it should be “unlawful” to shoot. Of course, if the police has been reading the news at all, he knows to say that he felt that his life was threatened. Shortness of breath….that’s interesting.

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