[VIDEO] Cops Called After Man Climbs Into a Corvette Stingray and Refuses to Get Out


[VIDEO] Cops Called After Man Climbs Into a Corvette Stingray and Refuses to Get Out

Lots of folks no doubt dream about sitting behind the steering wheel of a shiny new Corvette.

A man in Vancouver, Canada apparently decided to take action over the weekend to make that dream a reality.

Unfortunately, he did it the wrong, i.e., illegal, way.

The owner of this Arctic White Corvette Stingray coupe left his car in the Sunset Beach parking lot with the roof panel removed on Sunday.

When he returned, he found a stranger had climbed through the open roof and had made himself at home behind the wheel, and he refused to exit the Corvette when asked by the actual owner.

The stranger said it was now his car.

Unfortunately for him, however, it doesn’t work that way as squatter’s rights don’t apply to car ownership.

The actual owner wound up calling 911 for help, and this short aerial video shows eight police officers trying to coax the stranger out of the car, with several weapons pointed at him.

Convinced their reasoning wasn’t going to work, officers finally had to use a bean bag shotgun on the man’s legs, and they were able to drag him out of the car and place the 36-year-old Vancouver man under arrest.

The suspect refused treatment, but paramedics at the site still treated him for minor injuries.

He’ll now face charges of criminal mischief. As for the Corvette, it wasn’t damaged in the escapade.

Vancouver Sun

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  1. WOW it seems they are a lot more “crazy” people..(I know that is NOT PC ) out on the streets these days just doing bizarre and weird things. Sometimes, when driving in the larger cities, I feel like I’m in a Zombie Apocalypse

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