[VIDEO] Watch as Suspects Attempt Carjacking a Retired Police Officer in a C7 Corvette


[VIDEO] Watch as Suspects Attempt Carjacking a Retired Police Officer in a C7 Corvette

Who would ever think your life would be put in danger just pulling into a paint supply store?

That’s what happened earlier this week in Lakeland, Fla., when two masked men holding AK47s ran up to a Torch Red C7 Corvette in an apparent carjacking attempt that lasted less than 10 seconds.

And it was all captured on surveillance video at Ben’s Paint Supply on Gary Road.

A camera inside the store caught the gunmen running up to the Corvette one at a time, weapons in their hands.

Fortunately, the driver of the Corvette remained cool and collected, perhaps because he is a retired police officer.

“He had his wallet in his lap because he was getting ready to come in and pay, and he opened it up and flashed his badge and they took off,” said Ben’s employee Sally Crisp.

Crisp and another female co-worker can be seen behind the counter, running about excitedly as they witnessed the crime outside the front doors in “absolute shock and terror.”

“We literally saw everything step by step, and it was terrifying,” Crisp told Fox13 News. “They were yelling at him and trying to open the door, and they even took the rifle and was hitting the glass and everything, trying to get the gentleman to get out of his car.”

After the driver flashed his badge, the two men can be seen running away from the car.

The incident left a big impression on Crisp and her fellow employee.

“It hit me and my co-worker and we both kind of just started to cry, like ‘whoa, that really happened,’” Crisp said. “This could have been the worst day ever, but we were very lucky that it turned out the way that it did. So I just hope that they catch him.”

While police were able to locate the gunmen’s get-away vehicle, a GMC Acadia, the would-be carjackers are still on the loose. The Lakeland Police Department is asking the public for information that would help them locate the criminals.


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  1. The corvette ingress/egress procedure gives a perp a good five minute head start. Careful! don’t hit the dash with your foot, don’t hit the door sills or door card kick panels either; try to find a grab to pull yourself out, but careful, don’t slide across the leather bolsters on the seats and cause premature wear! Don’t put too much pressure on the center console cover with your elbow, the foam will permanently dent! God forbid you have carbon fiber side skirts to step out over, and at least the c6 pictured has a grab indentation on the fender where the door latch is. The C7 is harder to get in/out without scratching “My Precious.” The C8 pictured with the CEO of GM in the passenger seat looked like she was sitting down in a cave, wonder if the C8 will have a crane accessory to ease egress?

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