More Info on the High Wing Option for the 2020 Corvette Stingray


High Wing Spoiler Not Available on 2020 Corvette Stingrays with R8C Museum Delivery

As soon as the C8 Corvette Stingray configurator came available online, many were excited about including the High Wing Spoiler option on their configuration.

According to the 2020 Corvette Order Guide, the High Wing Spoiler is available in Carbon Flash Metallic with all colors and body color with Arctic White, Black, Shadow Gray Metallic and Torch Red. Both carry the “LPO” accessories designation and the following notation: Not available with (R8C) Corvette Museum Delivery.

We contacted Shane Webb, NCM Delivery Program Manager, to inquire about this and received the following reply:

“The high wing spoiler is an LPO accessory that requires removal of the rear fascia for install which GM does not allow us to do. It is not the spoiler included in the Z51 package.”

Unlike the 2019 ZR1 wings that are attached as part of the PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) service, the 2020 Stingray High Wing Spoiler is not a simple bolt-on procedure. The 2019 ZR1 comes from the plant with the wing brackets already installed. The 2020 Stingray will not come with the required bracketing hardware installed and will require the removal of the rear fascia for installation of the High Wing Spoiler.

Shane tells us this isn’t really a departure from previous models where LPO accessories (like specialty spoilers, ground effects, and wheels) were unavailable for R8C:

“The recommended workaround is for the customer to place a separate order for that particular accessory that is in conflict with R8C and have it installed at a dealership following Museum Delivery.”

According to the Order Guide, several additional options will also not be available with NCM R8C Delivery. These include the Visible Carbon Fiber Ground Effects, Composite Rockers (molded in color), and 5-Trident-Spoke Black Painted Aluminum Wheels.

Certain LPO options cannot be initially ordered along with NCM R8C Delivery, so keep this in mind if you are set on taking delivery of your new 2020 Corvette at the National Corvette Museum.

Taking delivering of your dream car at the National Corvette Museum is one of the most memorable experiences you can have with your new Corvette. Contact Shane Webb or Lori Bieschke at 1-800-205-4248 for any questions you may have about the R8C Museum Delivery process.

I have also confirmed that the high wing spoiler uses the same holes as the Z51 spoiler. You can order the Z51 with the spoiler that comes with it, take NCM delivery, then have your dealership or body shop install the high wing spoiler.

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  1. Great stuff, Jeremy! Thanks. Personally, I prefer the C7 Z06’s tall lip spoiler over the high wing; it just looks better in my eyes. Here’s hoping that will be available when the C8 Grand Sport comes out and that option is available.

  2. Any idea if the Z51 package could be ordered WITHOUT a spoiler? I think I like the rear best with no spoiler at all, but would definitely want the performance stuff in the Z51 package.

  3. Nathan, the spoiler on the Z51 package is NOT optional. It is aerodynamically balanced with the spoiler and will come with it already installed at the plant. The option to remove would require removing the spoiler and either filling the holes on the rear fascia or replacing the rear fascia completely.

  4. So if you get the high wing spoiler Z 51 package the dealer then installs it at the dealership ?

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