[VIDEO] Even the German Auto Magazines are Rendering the C8 Corvette


[VIDEO] Even the German Auto Magazines are Rendering the C8 Corvette

The hype for the next generation Corvette is not limited to just the United States as this video from the German auto website Auto Bild shows. These 2020 Corvette renderings were done for the mag by Dennis Petermann and we see a lot of Chazcron’s work that probably served as the basis of these designs.

The front fascia has a different design than the Nurburgring spied cars with that centerpiece integrated and a visible carbon fiber chin spoiler wraps around the bottom of it. Those wheels are a pretty cool design and the video shows visible carbon fiber on the spokes.

Around back, the rear fascia has some nice looking rounded contours and the wing spoiler shows the blow-thru center section similar to that original spy photo of the part hanging in the paint shop. The rear arches over the wheels appear to be somewhat flared as well.

[VIDEO] Even the German Auto Magazines are Rendering the C8 Corvette

We did notice that one of the shots shows a Camaro logo on the front quarter-panel so that’s got to go, but it does bring the question as to whether Chevy will continue to display the individual model names or logos (Stingray?) on the side quarter panels as it has done in the past.

Here’s the video from Auto Bild:

Translated via Google: The #Chevrolet #Corvette is being revolutionized. The sports car classic from Chevrolet comes in the eighth generation for the first time with a mid-engine instead of the usual front engine with transaxle design. So the Ami wants to hunt for his European competition. And that’s what the V8 racer might look like.

The Corvette has some very passionate owners in Germany so it’s no surprise that Auto Bild is focusing on the 2020 Corvette. GM is hoping to broaden the Corvette’s appeal with the new “world-class” sports car design so time will tell if this will finally be the model to break-through on the European continent.

Auto Bild / YouTube

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  1. The Germans are better in the wheel department. Best looking wheel I have seen so far on the C8. The wheels on all of the sightings look like garbage.

  2. If the as-built rear end and quarter panels look like this, the C8 will be one hot car. Hopefully the mules’ C5 butt will go away as a bad joke.

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