[VIDEO] Compilation of the C8 Corvette’s Exhaust Sounds


[VIDEO] Compilation of the C8 Corvette's Exhaust Sounds

Here’s a fun C8 Corvette video for you!

When we first started getting sightings of the C8 Corvettes on video, there was a certain level of excitement as to whether or not the sound of the engine could be heard. Finally, someone has combined all those various C8 Corvette videos and their wonderful soundtracks in one place!

This was almost like a trip down memory lane as I had forgotten how exciting some of these sightings were when they first came out.

Chris Brian / YouTube

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  1. Wow this thing sounds fu**ing pathetic I hit the pedal on my Z06 and it sound’s like I’m running straight pipes. Very disappointed in the C8 sound.

  2. The sounds OK…but it would sound a lot better if you didn’t have to hear that “slush box” doing the shifting.
    It like putting glass packs on Grandma’s Buick.

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