[VIDEO] A Guy Challenges a C8 Corvette Driver By Throwing Revs at Him


[VIDEO] Guy Tries to Challenge a C8 Corvette Driver By Throwing Revs at Him

“It was bound to happen,” says the infamous Corvette_Nut regarding this new video of a C8 Corvette prototype in the wild.

As the C8 Corvette is driving down a three-lane street, the guy heard here is throwing revs and chirping the tires next to it. It’s clear that the original poster of the video was all hyped up the see the C8 Corvette on the street, but yelling “You’re scared!” at it kinda makes you look bit like a lunatic.

Not only that but the driver proceeded to film the C8 Corvette sideways while mumbling about how good this all is.

So we ran it through our video editor to rotate it so that you can enjoy without holding your head at a 90-degree angle.

Again, this is a behavior we don’t recommend as well. Mashing your accelerator and chirping the tires while recording the car beside you is a good way to cause an accident! Just let these guys drive and soon enough, these cars will be in private hands where you are sure to find an owner that will stupid enough to engage with you.

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  1. Not sure why you would even post this potentially dangerous behavior. Clearly, they’re in traffic and the provoking driver is not in full control… Saying you don’t condone this behavior falls shorts..and besides, this C8 video is nothing new.
    99.9% of the time I enjoy and appreciate your posts.

  2. There is always some fool on the road that thinks it “Macho” to exhibit this type of behavior. This
    is the perfect example of someone who should NOT own a Corvette, or any high performance car
    for that matter.

  3. I once had this moron in a Challenger try luring me into a race against my [soon to be traded in] 2013 335is. Revving the engine in all, apparently oblivious that a local police cruise was right behind him. Light went green and he went for it, lighting up his tires. Said local law enforcement officer immediately pulled him over. I drove off.

    You all know the old rule- play stupid games, win stupid prizes!!

  4. I have a C6 Grand Sport. Routinely people next to me at a stoplight, no matter what they are driving, want to accelerate off the line and show how fast their grocery getter is.

  5. I kinda take offense to the “stupid” moniker. It’s a lot of fun to play with other cars safely of course, pretty sure that was one of the reasons these cars were built in the first place, pretty lame comment. Ya some other drivers are a little overly ambitious but that’s part of the fun. I have kids in Jap cars of all types try and race or want to play with my C6, I usually remind them they have no chance and the response every time is, “oh we know, just want to see you stand on it”. What’s the point of owning a Vette if you don’t do a little playing with it?? Yes the world is full of idiots and morons, (just look at what we got stuck with in the White House). Why do just about all the manufactures build and sell cars with way more power then anyone needs with most having a top speed close to or over 200MPH??!! All part of the game, and it is fun. If you don’t like it then buy a friggen Honda Accord or a Kia. To many whiners.

  6. Kevin,
    While we don’t know you, we do know that by your above comments…you’re a potential racist, Howe truly immature. Most of what you said comes across as “that guy” that needs to be seen, possibly making up for some personal short comings. Makes me sad that you even own a Corvette…even sadder that others may pass judgment on other Corvette Owners when they see you driving your C6 irresponsibility. I personally understand time and place…one day when you mature you’ll understand. I don’t expect you will today.

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