[VIDEO] Woman Bashes A New C7 Corvette ZR1 with a Golf Club


[VIDEO] Woman Bashes A New C7 Corvette ZR1 with a Baseball Bat

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned is the old saying, and who am I to disagree.

The title of this youtube video is “Woman Bashes Her Husband’s Brand New Z06 Corvette After Catching Him Cheating”.

Turns out she may be wielding a golf club opposed to a baseball bat, but the effect is the same.

Now I am not necessarily saying that the original video poster knows the true facts, but damn if this woman is not bashing the crap out of this Corvette. As she moves to the driver’s side and takes a swing at the windshield, you hear the sound of glass breaking.

While the original poster called the car a new Z06, we believe it’s actually a new ZR1 Coupe, making the smack down all that much more expensive as the MSRP on these sports cars start at $123K!

The car in the video looks to have the higher hood profile of the Corvette ZR1, and the rear wing matches the low-wing base design of the ZR1. Finally, we think those are the black ZR1 star-design wheels on the car, but again it’s not definitive from the low-res video.

There is a bit of salty language from those taking the video as it appears they are neighbors who can’t believe what they are witnessing.

The Real World Insider / YouTube

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  1. Wow, I actually felt sick to my stomach watching that video.
    I’d have to assume that considering all the places she’s hitting the car,
    the car would be totaled. According to its value, I could be wrong.

    So does her husband have to have her arrested for vandalism in order to collect on insurance? How would you even get paid for something like this?

    This incident could be the underlying cause of her husband’s infidelity, ( seems one of the two) has a
    chemical imbalance!

  2. Moral to this story is “Never throw your honey’s undies under the car seat” much to easy to forget them in the Heat of the moment! WOW I thought people learned to be careful in how they Play. Seen similar things happen many years ago to a much less costly vehicle. I feel their Pain…. ;-{?

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