These Are the Groups of People that GM Has Invited to the C8 Corvette Reveal in California


These Are the Groups of People that GM Has Invited to the C8 Corvette Reveal in California

Only 31 days to go before Chevrolet reveals the next-generation Corvette somewhere in Orange County, California on 07.18.19 and I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the groups of people that GM has invited to this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Like any party that’s been in the making for the last five years (not to mention the 60+ years that Chevrolet has pondered a Mid-Engine Corvette), the guest list to the 2020 mid-engine Corvette reveal is very exclusive. And while we know so many people that want to be there (and even those that SHOULD be there), there is only room for so many.

The Next-Generation Corvette reveal is being planned and executed for maximum promotional effect and so far these are the four groups of people that we’ve seen invited to the event:

The Media

Obviously, members of the media and various websites have been invited to cover the event and this group will help spread the news far and wide. In my previous media events with GM and Corvette, we’ve seen a mix of journalists from the larger automotive websites and magazines as well as the small fraternity of Corvette-related writers from other blogs, forums, and magazines. Most of the outlets are only receiving one invite and that’s because GM is paying the bills for airfare and hotel stays for this group. A subgroup of media may also include “Influencers” who are those individuals that have large social media followings on YouTube, Instagram, and other outlets. I haven’t heard of any specific influencers receiving invites and I can’t name a single Corvette youtuber that has been invited so far.

Dealership-Invited Customers

Though a video from our friend Rick Conti (a top 10 Corvette seller who wasn’t invited), we learned that GM has made approximately 500 tickets available for Chevrolet dealers to give out to its customers. We understand that these chosen dealerships will have two tickets each and that they are designated for customer use only…no dealership employees are allowed to use them. These customers are responsible for their own travel arrangements and lodging.

Local Corvette Enthusiasts

If you caught the reveal of the 2019 Corvette ZR1 in Dubai and LA in late 2017, both events featured local Corvette enthusiasts who were invited to come to the event with their Corvettes as organizers created a Corvette display outside the event location. GM is doing the same in Orange County as we’ve heard from several local Corvette enthusiasts who have been invited to the event with their cars. Our understanding is that this group is capped at 75 RSVPs with each local Corvette enthusiast receiving two invites to the reveal event.

GM Corporate/Corvette Team Members/VIPs

The final group identified are made up of employees and invited guests of General Motors. We are assuming that major corporate personnel will be there and we expect to see GM’s Mary Barra and Mark Reuss along with other top brass from the automaker. The Corvette Team will have a large contingent of engineers and designers on hand who will finally be able to talk about the various aspects of the car with the media. Others in this group will include some of the top Corvette dealers (our friend Mike Furman will be there!) and we also expect several key vendors related to the Corvette program to be there as well.

For those that would love to be at the next-generation Corvette reveal but can’t, we do feel for you. Luckily, GM will be streaming video from the event life and many are organizing watch parties with their Corvette clubs to enjoy the event with other enthusiasts. We think this is a great idea so talk with your clubs and get your reveal watch parties in gear!

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  1. I understand The Rick Conti did not get an invite to the unveiling, despite that he falls under several of Gm’s qualifications of who will get the invite? I don’t understand why? Did he step on someone’s toes and make them mad. My problem is he really deserves to go!! As Corvette owner and huge enthusiast myself and a Corvette club member too! I’m Pissed at GM!!!

  2. Again GM drop the ball most of the media and automobile magazines promote European and Japanese vehicles. Corvette family is a loyal group of people who enjoy and love their Corvettes most people who buy foreign cars don’t like the Corvette and won’t buy one. Rick Corvette Conti should’ve been the first person on the list for the unveiling as he has endeared Corvette and Great enthusiasm for the vehicle and also encourages people to buy one.

  3. They can pay for travel and lodging for media but won’t help loyal customers with cracked or bent wheels. As a lifelong GM buyer and current owner of 3 Corvettes Tadge and the team can stick it. GM doesn’t deserve a guy like Rick Conti selling their product, he’s much too good for them.

  4. I live in So. Calif and think that the viewing will be be at the Anaheim Conv. Center, Orange County Fair Grounds or Angel baseball stadium. The first two venues would be indoors and the last would require rental tents. These venues can handle many C8’s on display and well as Corvette owners cars on display plus the 500 or more guest. I would think that G.P.Johnson a design and display builder would be handling the exhibits set-up several days in advance of the reveal.

  5. Keith, Thanks for the info. I’ve been invited to the event by Chevy–I’m also a resident of the OC and bought a new C7 from the Connell dealership in the OC. Chevy asked me if I would be bringing my Stingray and I told them yes. The fact that I bought one already played into my invite, I’m sure. My daughter and I will be there -no details given on location yet.

  6. I agree with Tim Torp. Rick Conti is not only a top Corvette salesman, he’s a dedicated Corvette enthusiast, cheerleader, and blogger. His exclusion from the invitation list is an unwarranted snub by GM/Chevrolet.

  7. Hi Keith! As the President of the Corvette Club of Kansas City, Missouri, I’m also proud to say that we will be hosting a Watch Party for the reveal.

  8. The latest news says the location is Tustin, CA. The Corvette Museum has a set of tickets up for auction that GM gave them. They also offered a block of tickets to museum members for a watch party in Tustin with a visit to the day 2 reveal activities in Tustin.

  9. Keith, I received the lanyards and location/time today via Fedex. The included card states that the event starts with a 5-7pm catered celebration for 75 plus guest Corvette owners in attendance. 7pm the hangar doors open for registration. 8pm the reveal. Tustin Hangar 2 off of Jamboree Road.

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