[POLL] Have You Given a Name to Your Corvette?


[POLL] Have You Given a Name to Your Corvette?

Have you ever named your Corvette?

I’ve never named my ’66 Corvette, but I do refer to her as “baby” which is a good enough name for me since I’m the only one that drives her. You know, Goodnight Baby. Good morning baby. You want to go cruising baby?

I’m certifiable for sure but I’m not alone! I remember Corvette Racing’s Johnny O’Connell named his C5 Corvette “Sweetness” and a mutual friend names her C7s after the paint color: “Laguna” was her old Blue C7 Stingray and “Sebring” is her new Orange Grand Sport.

With next Tuesday, October 2nd being “National Name Your Car Day”, we wanted to find out if you have given a name to your Corvette.

The GM BuyPower Card commissioned a survey of licensed drivers across the country with 42% saying they have named their vehicles. And proving I am not crazy, 55% of those in the survey say their cars are identified as female. We plan on sharing the rest of the stats from the survey next week but I wanted to get our reader’s input as well.

So take our quick and easy poll and let us know!

Have You Ever Named Your Corvette?

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If you have a cool story about how your Corvette earned its name, I love to hear that as well and perhaps we can share a couple reader stories in next week’s post. Use the comment form below and tell us how you named your Corvette!

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  1. I named my 2017 C7 “BLU RAY” because it’s a Sterling Blue C7 Stingray. Vanity plate reflects its name.

  2. I’m a 67 yr. Old Single Vietnam Vet. , I own a 2011 3LT Torch Red corvette with red and black Leather interior with red Leather Seats . I named my car (CORA , VETTE ) .

  3. My wife name our 1989 medium blue metallic, black convertible top and interior Corvette, “Betty Corvettie”, when we purchased her new in May of 1989. So my wife would not scratch her with her rings and to keep her out of Betty Corvettie, I bought my wife her dream car, a Jaguar XKE, that she named Mick Jaguar. My wife names all of our cars. Betty Corvettie has been awarded an NCRS Top Flight and received her Performance Verification, Bloomington Gold, Survivor Gold and Benchmark, Triple Diamond and Concours Gold and is still going strong. Sportsman and McLellan Mark-of-Excellence award will be next.

  4. My current Corvette is a 2018 Carbon 65 configured like only 5 in the world, so i believed it should have a name. It is a beautiful convertible Z06 with supercharged 650 hp engine, manual transmission and huge ceramic brakes which makes it a beast of a machine. Shortly after delivery, I came across a piece of art by Big Toe, AKA Tom Laura, a California artist and surfer who derived his work from Mad magazine and Ed Roth, the hot rod enthusiast and creator of the iconic Rat Fink. One of his pieces, of which I purchased a copy is titled Beauty and the Beast from the celebrated folktale of a romantic story. So the romance with my newest Corvette was captioned Beauty and the Beast. The Beauty has been universally recognized by all who see her and the Beast leaves them awestruck when I lift the feather weight hood. you can view the art at this site:
    https://www.art.com/products/p12308713178-sa-i6333116/big-toe-beauty-and-the-beast.htm?upi=F53PRP0. Tell me how to submit a photo and I will send a photo of the Corvette.

  5. I have a black on black 2014 C7 3LT which my nextdoor neighbors 14 year old daughter named it “Elivira, Mistress of the Dark”.

  6. After getting my car, a friend asked me about getting a vanity plate. I ditched SPICERED and SPICEGRL as too long (7 characters max.) and thought SPICEY would be appropriate for an Arctic White ’16 with Spice Red interior and roof. It’s 1 of 29, I’m told.

  7. I had a 2015 Torch Red Z06 with the Z07 Package with all the options. I decided one day to deactivate the traction control and stability control. In any case I hit the gas at 40mph and did a 180. Fortunately I did on a road with no traffic. From the day forward I named it “THE BEAST” just took delivery of my new 2019 Grand Sport convertible – she not named yet.. Jack

  8. We have three corvettes. 2 2016C7R and 1 2017 Black rose stingray. My wife came up with names for all three. The 2017 stingray is named BEAUTIE AND THE BLACK 2016 C7R is called BEASTIE. I sent you pictures of these two cars and there marker plates. The yellow 2016 C7R is called WICKED1. And I will send you a picture of this one. Being theater people you can see where the names come from.

  9. A friend asked me what I was going to put on the vanity plate of my new (to me) ’16 Stingray. I considered SPICERED, SPYCGIRL, SPICEGRL, etc, but they have too many characters. I finally settled on SPICEY for my Arctic White, Spice Red packaged Z51 convertible. My friends all call her “Spicey,” now.

  10. We are lucky to have 3 Corvettes. Naming them helps us to know which car we are talking about. We have Jake, a GT1, and Sebring and Laguna, name after the colors.

  11. To prevent friends from assigning names like “Tweety Bird” to my velocity yellow 2012 GS, I call him “Sunny.” Also, I have possesion of my son’s black 1974 Big Block 454 now, and it came with the name of “Cerberus”, after the “hound of Hades” in Greek mythology. I bought a 1987 bright red coupe from the same son, Gordon, and the family assigned the moniker of the “Gorvette.”

  12. My wife and I had been searching for a particular 2LZ-Z06. It had to be torch red with black interior. Living in California, we found one in Texas. Leaving Thursday evening, we drove our ’03 Z06 to Texas, and Saturday afternoon was driving back with our new to us 2015 Z06 that my wife named ”Tex”.

  13. FOB is the name of our beautiful C-5 Navy Blue Metallic convertible. Her vanity plate reads “DREM ON” (only seven spaces on Oklahoma tags) she was our first car to be key-fob controlled.

  14. No, we’ve only been together since 7/27/18, and I’ve been calling her “Baby”, my standard for cars, but my wife says when I call this one “Baby”, it’s clearly love!

  15. My 95 teal convertible is named Lizzie Jane after the first license plate, which began with LZJ. However, Lizzie Jane now has a plate that says YESSSS, and that says it all

  16. My dad named the car when he purchased it in 93. It is Competition Yellow, and he chose Old Yeller, from the movie (for those of you old enough to remember it!). Now that I have the car, of course I have to keep that name.

  17. My car is a 2012 Grand Sport and has that ‘Murdered out’ look, (black car, black wheels, etc.) I thought, and others agree, that it’s a rather menacing looking car, so I call it ‘Menace’. That license plate name was taken, so I had to do an alternate spelling, but people get it.

  18. My wife named my new 2019 Watkins Glen Grey Metallic Stingray Charlotte. We just left Criswell Chevrolet and my wife called her Charlotte. It just stuck. I make sure to say Good Night to Charlotte whenever I am in the Garage at night! I love her!!

  19. My !998 silver Corvette has a vanity plate that is “F P E” My wife named the car “V”. I make sure “V” has all the exercise she needs and she sleeps all snug as a bug all winter long

  20. I am a Vietnam War army veteran. I named my C6 Atomic Orange Corvette Agent Orange. I have an Arctic White 2014 Z51 Stingray. When I first drove it I said this is a bad a$$ car. Being that it is white I named it Willie Pete. Willie Pete is what us GIs in Vietnam called our White Phosphorus ammunition. WP or Willie Pete is bad stuff. I have a Torch Red C7 Z06 with black accents. I thought of naming it Napalm but it’s not as clever a name as Agent Orange or Willie Pete. I witnessed up close the use of napalm and its color when ignited is a deep red with very black smoke just like me Torch Red Z.

  21. I never really named my 1990 Arctic White coupe until I got my (almost new) 2007 Monterey Red Z51. My cousin actually named her “Ruby”, as in Ruby slippers. So then I had to name the ’90 (which I still have), “Icicle”. Decidedly a “he”. And one of the guys in our Corvette club bought the C6 in 2014, and he can’t get the dashboard intro to change… she still says, “Hello, My Name is Ruby.” So do you argue with a lady?
    I dealt her on a new 2014 Crystal Red Z51. As tempting as it was to call it Ruby 2, I opted for “Sting” (how original). Last year I traded Sting on a ’17 Watkins Grey Grand Sport w/carbon fibre split bumper/ground effects, black rims… “The Stealth”.

  22. I named my ’77 Corvette Kunta Korvette and discretely painted the name on the cowl. I bought it new in ’77 (and still have it). In 1977 “Roots” was a huge TV mini-series starting LeVar Burton. Since the series traced the history of blacks coming to the U.S. from Africa and my ’77 was black and I was working on an advertising campaign that used LeVar Burton as a spokesperson, it seemed like a natural thing to do.

    Kunta Korvette is approaching 180K miles and has been a great daily driver.

  23. My daughter named my 2015 Z51 Cinderelli because I told her she had to be off the street before the temperature got below 40 degrees and her color (Daytona Sunrise Orange Metallic) reminded her of the pumpkin carriage.

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