[VIDEO] Winner of Jimmie Johnson’s 2019 Corvette Z06 Gets Ride of His Life


[VIDEO] Winner of Jimmie Johnson's 2019 Corvette Z06 Gets Ride of His Life

Looks like the winner of the 2018 Jimmie Johnson Foundation Corvette raffle had a day he will never forget. Dave Wallover of Morgantown, PA was announced in mid-December 2018 as the winner of Jimmie’s Torch Red 2019 Corvette Z06 and he recently picked up the sports car with the seven-time NASCAR Cup Champion doing the delivery honors himself.

But we’re talking NASCAR here where every victory is celebrated with burnouts and donuts. I guess the winner asked because Jimmie rips a great burnout and then proceeds to a side lot where he does a few donuts! Talk about personal service during delivery!

Over the last few years Jimmie has donated his personal Corvette. The Jimmie Johnson Foundation presents the proceeds from the raffle to K-12 public schools across the country.

As you can see the winner holding his cell phone during that epic ride, you can see his point of view from this twitter video. The video gets a bit wonky once Jimmie throws the Corvette into a spin, but you’ll still appreciate the fun!

Jimmie Johnson Foundation / Facebook and Twitter

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