More C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Rumors Regarding Engine Names


More C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Rumors Regarding Engine Names

There’s nothing like a good internet rumor to generate some heat on a cold winter’s day, especially when its related to the engines that will power the CMid-Engine Corvettes!

Our friends at the are highly interested in the comments made by a guy on the Corvette Forum with over 1000 posts who lives in the Detroit area and may be a GM insider.

The CF member named “farmington” has dished some info about what he saw “at work” in a thread about the ME Corvette using an upgraded LT1 as the base V8. I especially like how his comments start out as one of Chevy’s “Real People” commercials with the hook that goes “What would you say if I told you…”

FYI, each of these sentences below come from separate individual posts within the same thread by “farmington”:

What would you say if I told you I personally saw a completely dressed LT-6 at work yesterday. This is the DOHC naturally aspirated version. Tubular headers (tri-y) , dual throttle bodies, beautiful red anodized cam covers.

Wanted to take some pics but too many people around. I believe they are using a flat crank like the Coyote Ford.

We fabbed the cranks in addition to machining blocks and heads.

The blocks have the same bore as the 6.2 but I’m not sure if the crank stroke is the same

Dry sump. Pressed in cylinder liners. Integral oil pan, base plate, main caps.

Saw another engine dressed for the C8 the other day. It was an LT2 which is an upgraded LT1 that will be making 490-500 hp. Upgrades are mainly camshaft. Also hearing about an LT8 that sounds like the bad boy twin turbo DOHC version. Heard upwards of 900 hp on the dynos.

Haven’t seen the twin turbo version but believe it will be a Hot V, with the turbos in the V. Hot v means turbos are where the intake manifold usually resides.

In these posts from “farmington” he mentions the three different engines that we’ve been hearing bits and pieces about. The naturally aspirated LT1 will become the LT2 with around 500-hp, the LT6 is a DOHC V8 which he says is also naturally aspirated and then an LT8 that is the “bad-boy” twin-turbo version which makes upwards of 900-hp on the dyno.

I think many Corvette enthusiasts would be happy with those power numbers for the Mid-Engine Corvette, especially if they can get the weight of the car back down to around 3200 lbs. But these are just rumors and time will tell us (sooner or later) whether Mr. Farmington was right or wrong.

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  1. I would be hard pressed to think the base model engine would be a flat plane crank. The prototypes at Nurburgring sound very much a cross plane.

    It would be cool if the DOHC LT5 made a comeback!

  2. Seeing those engines “at work” isn’t exclusive to the Detroit area…There is a place down I-65 a ways that has a Powertrain section where the ME engines are going to be assembled. They are there now.

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