[VIDEO] Jimmie Johnson Driving Corvette Racing’s C6.R


[VIDEO] Jimmie Johnson Driving Corvette Racing's C6.R

One of the highlights of Wednesday night’s Test Drive: Corvette on SPEED was the segment where NASCAR’s Jimmie Johnson gets behind the wheel of Corvette Racing’s C6.R. Jimmie is no stranger to Corvettes, but from his comments while pacing the road course behind a stock 2011 Corvette ZR1 with show host Tommy Kendall, he is blown away by power and grip of the factory race car.

SPEED via Streetfire.net

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  1. wow. nascar drivers are usually so talented. odd that he spun. must have made a right hand turn and got distracted.

  2. I dont think “talent” is the right word for oval racing (NASCAR), all they do is go left left left left and thats it, but does anyone else get an orgasm when in the presence of a C6R or is it just me? Lol. xD

  3. That’s at Carolina Motorsports Park. The kink on that turn is very abrupt and easily throws cars off balance. Awesome video! While I don’t enjoy NASCAR I am a racer and the endurance those dudes have is incredible!

  4. Wish had the whole segment of the show on here; they drove the street production cars too. Awesome show/segment. Jimmie rocks!

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