Colorado Sheriff’s Office Impounds a C6 Corvette Z06 for Speeds in Excess of 150 MPH


Sheriff's Office Impounds a C6 Corvette Z06 for Speeds in Excess of 150 MPH

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office has yet to track down the driver of a yellow C6 Corvette Z06 who nearly hit a deputy and other drivers head-on as he was spotted driving recklessly along U.S. 36, passing on a double line, and reaching speeds over 150 mph on Thursday afternoon along U.S. 36. But they did eventually catch his car.

The Yellow Z06 was located in a parking garage at Folsom Street and Iris Avenue in Boulder a short time later and the Sheriff’s Office shared a photo of the Corvette which was impounded.

Authorities ran the plates and although they have not yet identified the registered owner, they did say he has felony warrants for driving violations.

The Boulder County Sheriff’s office also wants to talk with any witnesses or those who were nearly hit by the driver. You can contact Sgt. Bill Crist at 303-441-3375 or email [email protected].

Denver Post

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  1. Well, if they know that the owner has existing felony warrants, then they certainly have “identified” him. They just haven’t released his name publicly. Pedantic, perhaps, but there’s a definite distinction between the two.

  2. The cops really have nothing….only the car. Got to prove who was driving it. Whoever was demonstrated total disregard for the law and put many in danger. Reckless and foolish it just gives Corvette owners a bad rap.

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