This Corvette and Nine Other Sports Cars Were Pulled Over for Driving Too Slow


A Corvette and Other Sports Cars Pulled Over for Driving Too Slow

Photo Credit: Connecticut State Police

We’ve told you in the past about Corvettes being impounded in Canada for driving too fast.

But today we’ve got a new angle for you – a Corvette pulled over for driving too SLOWLY.

That’s right, too slowly!

According to the Associated Press, Connecticut State Police cited a group of 10 “high performance, racing type cars” – including a pretty sharp C7 Corvette coupe and an Audi R8 – for blocking the Wilbur Cross Parkway outside New Haven on Sunday.

Apparently, it was all part of filming for a pilot for a new TV show.

Police say the 10 vehicles brought traffic to a crawl as they were driving slowly down the highway, about to enter Heros Tunnel, while a lead vehicle was videotaping them for the show.

They were blocking both lanes so you can imagine that the vehicles behind them weren’t too excited about being delayed in their travels.

All 10 drivers were pulled over and issued citations, a move that prompted other motorists to verbally thank the state police as well as blow their horns in appreciation as they passed by.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the citations caused the insurance premiums for these cars to go up for, of all things, driving too slowly in a sports car!


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  1. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the cops would cite the left lane shitheads who block traffic every day?? The mistake of the film crew was not making arrangements with CSP to do that for 10-15 minutes with an escort.

  2. Read article about company in Canada reworked two Corvettes.
    Misplaced info.
    Could you send me contact info?

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