[PICS] Latest C8 Renders from Chazcron and the Mid Engine Corvette Forum


[PICS] Latest C8 Renders from Chazcron and the Mid Engine Corvette Forum

We’ve been following the work of Chazcron at the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com as he is working to complete a 360° rendering of the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette. You can see the previous work in progress post here.

Today, we got three new pics to share which show his renders of the C8 Corvette at various angles. The different looks really show off the car well and the proportions look right on! We especially like the top down look which offers a whole new perspective of the sports car. The hood is especially well-detailed and you can see how the airflow over the hood is channeled to each of the air intakes on the sides.

[PICS] Latest C8 Renders from Chazcron and the Mid Engine Corvette Forum

One of the comments on the MECF thread describes these renders perfectly: “I would drive that!”

Let us know what you think about these latest renderings in the comments below. If you want to join in the discussion, head over to the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com where you see the entire thread containing Chazcron’s C8 mid-engine Corvette renders from the beginning.

Chazcron via MidEngineCorvetteForum.com

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  1. Well, we’re all praising or criticizing a car that we still don’t know the final design for. So I’ll reserve judgment until Chevrolet unveils the car. I haven’t seen an artist’s rendering yet that I liked.

  2. Really like the rendering and hope the C8 will resemble or come close the the renderings thus far. The C7 styling is the best to date and am in hopes production will continue so that we will have a choice in the future. I have talked to many corvette owners that hope the front engine corvette will still be offered. Doubt GM will continue to produce two offerings, but who really knows.

  3. Rendering Feedback: You don’t need a ZR1 grill on a rear (mid) engine car. That’s what the side air intakes are for. And I don’t care for the black plastic side air intakes and black plastic grill. They cheapen an obviously $100,000+ car. I also don’t care for the wheels. All the tiny spokes make my hands hurt thinking about wiping the brake dust off of them after every drive. I’ve seen dozens of rendering of what the C8 coupe will look like. Let’s see what the C8 convertible Corvette Corvair will look like.

  4. Nice car but the more I see the more I appreciate the beauty of the C7/C6 classic long hood/short deck design.

  5. Still needs hood or fender vents instead of a “sculpted” hood. Front end will lift at high speed.

  6. Agree with others that it is not nearly as beautiful as C5, C6, and specially the incredible C7. It may be superfast, but the proportions look all wrong. I think it was Enzo Ferrari who said ” something’s wrong it the hood is not long.”

    This rendering looks like a backwards teardrop camper trailer. I hope the final C8 looks a lot better than that.

  7. Side profile is beautiful however front end looks like a V-PLOW would attach perfectly foor winter storms ……. (should be much more tapered down).

  8. I think the talent of the people doing these renderings are amazing. However we are all just very anxious to see the real thing and these are keeping us somewhat satisfied until the cars reveal. I hope I find the new car as exciting as our C7.

  9. Not bad. I like it. Not sure I would trade my current one in for it until I see a real live one.

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