[PICS] Things Have been Slow on C8 News Lately, So Enjoy These Mid-Engine Renders from FVS


[PICS] Things Have been Slow on C8 News Lately, So Enjoy These Mid Engine Renders from FVS

Not much we are hearing these days about the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette other than “no comment” and “can’t talk about future products” from our friends in and around the Corvette team. Last month we had Nurburgring videos and spy shots galore and unless something comes up in the next few days, October will go down as being a very quiet month.

The biggest question on everyone’s mind about the C8 Corvette is when and where will it be launched. It looks like the LA Auto Show is out of the picture. And while most are believing the launch will happen in Detroit, don’t count out Chicago, Geneva or New York. The Corvette Team has been very unpredictable with their launches these last few years (Grand Sport in Geneva, ZR1 in Dubai). Detroit seems to be the most obvious location, but it’s also coming up fast and that’s why it may not happen there.

I’ve been hoping to hear more about the C8.R Corvette Racer with an eye on the 2019 racing season. We understand the car was out at Road Atlanta following Petit Le Mans and Ollie Gavin was one of the drivers staying behind to take part in a “tire test”. I had a theory that went if we see the C8.R testing in November, then there is a good possibility that we would see the car at Daytona in January. However, based on Fehan’s comments following Le Mans and some others, we could be looking at the C7.R racing throughout 2019, or a split-season where the C7.R is raced through Le Mans and then the team switches to the C8.R for the second half of the season. The point is, don’t be surprised if the C7.R has one more campaign left in her.

We’ve been diligently checking youtube and other places for new C8 photos or videos but like I said, it’s been quiet. Too quiet in my opinion, so let’s shake the trees with a couple new photos from FVS and the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com. In these series of photos, FVS explains some of the things he sees in the leaked CAD images and how they apply to a render. I also like how he brings in other manufacturers as well to show their design ideas.

From FVS:

Here is an updated side view render and also some Qs about the CAD intake. Compared to some competition too. The side view was tweaked a bit and fine-tuned for some details. I believe the final car will be much more finely styled with wonderful surface details and body lines.

To me, they can not have the side intake bare with no cover to keep out debris. If you look at the CAD you note that the body (brown) has a cut out for the scoop and seems to show split (upper and lower) intake ducts. The elongated scoop shape goes past the actual ducts. I think this area needs to be filled with a cover of some sort…maybe similar to the Mclaren and Audi? Or body color but I think it needs to be covered with something.


[PICS] Things Have been Slow on C8 News Lately, So Enjoy These Mid Engine Comparisons from FVS

[PICS] Things Have been Slow on C8 News Lately, So Enjoy These Mid Engine Comparisons from FVS

See more renders from FVS and jump in the conversation at the www.MidEngineCorvetteForum.com.

FVS @ MidEngineCorvetteForum.com

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