[PIC] C8 Mid Engine Render By Chazcron is a Work in Progress


[PIC] C8 Mid Engine Render By Chazcron is a Work in Progress

A number of talented designers have been working on renders of the C8 Mid engine Corvette and we’ve been sharing some of the better designs we’ve come across here. Of course you’ve seen multiple FVS renders and the yellow C8 from our friends at ACS Composite, both of whom we found at the Mid Engine Corvette Forum.

Joining this cadre of designers is “Chazcron” who’s been diligently working on a new 3D render. Normally we would wait until the the work is finished and presented as such, but his design is really coming along based on the teaser above. We liked the side coves with the black cover especially and wanted to get your opinion on it.

From Chazcron:

I scrutinized the highest resolution images and many other puffed out scoop shots. This is where I landed. This is where I’ll stay until there is solid proof provided. I also had to manipulate the shape to conform to the spy shot, my model is still proportionally a little wonky, and my placeholder wheels need to be lower profile.

[PIC] C8 Mid Engine Render By Chazcron is a Work in Progress

[PIC] C8 Mid Engine Render By Chazcron is a Work in Progress

Previously, Chazcron posted this gif below with the wireframe markings which kicked off the project:

I bit the bullet and subscribed to my old Animation:Master 3D modeling program. I’ve started the arduous task of rotoscoping my splines over the spy shots. I’m going with my gut on the scoop shape. It may be way off, but I like it. Be prepared, when I render with my own modeled wheels, I’ll be using the ones I made for the ’15 Mustang for now.

[PIC] C8 Mid Engine Render By Chazcron is a Work in Progress

Here is one of the first renderings that Chazcron did based on the spy photos of the C8 ME at the Nurburgring:

C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Render from Chazcron

As always, we love to get your comments and I am interested in what your think about a black cover over the side coves. Couldn’t you see that as a beautiful carbon fiber piece or do your prefer the sans-cover look. Let me know in the comments below!

Chazcron is just one of the great members of the fastest growing forum dedicated to the C8 Mid Engine Corvette. Come check out this conversation and over 300 other threads of C8 Corvette discussions at www.MidEngineCorvetteForum.com.


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  1. Prefer the side intake be the same color as the body. Don’t like the black. Looks like a piece of cheap plastic (even though it is supposedly carbon fiber) that was bolted on as an afterthought. Really takes away from the body lines.

  2. Gary,
    Do you really think the mid-engine will be the only Corvette platform?
    I expect it will be no different the ZR1–it did replace the other 2019 models.

    The Ford GT did not replace the Mustang.

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