[VIDEO] Chevrolet Arabia Profiles a Corvette ZR1 Customer Who Built His Own LT5 Engine


[VIDEO] Chevrolet Arabia Profiles ZR1 Customer Who Built his Own LT5

Back in January of this year, Chevrolet reopened the Engine Build Experience for the 2019 Model Year Corvettes. For the price of $5,000, new owners can spend the day at the Corvette Assembly Plant’s Performance Built Center and work with an engine builder to assemble the LT4 or LT5 V8 engines for their own Corvettes.

The program opened just in time for ZR1 production and Chevrolet tells us that 55 customers took advantage of the program with 46 customers building the 755-hp LT5 engines while the other 9 customers built their own LT4 engines. The program has since closed again but we hope that it will reopen sometime next year once plant tours resume and the building of the 2020 Mid-Engine Corvettes are underway.

Chevrolet Arabia is the PR division for Chevrolet in the Middle East, a region that is becoming more important to Chevrolet’s performance cars. These customers love their Corvettes and we saw the welcome the 2019 Corvette ZR1 received when it was introduced to the world in Dubai last year.

One of the customers from the region is Falah Al Jarba. Falah makes the trip from the Middle East to Bowling Green, Kentucky where he was able to tour the National Corvette Museum before heading over to the Bowling Green Assembly Plant where he was told that he would be building the LT5 engine for his Corvette ZR1.

It’s another great video from Chevrolet that shows how the Corvette can bring people together from all parts of the world. Watch Falah’s reaction when the engine he built is started for the first time and you’ll see what I mean.

Chevrolet Arabia

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