[VIDEO] NCM Seminar Presents Updates From the Bowling Green Assembly Plant


[VIDEO] NCM Seminar Presents Updates From the Bowling Green Assembly Plant

The National Corvette Museum’s 24th Anniversary Celebration was held over the weekend and one of the highlights was this presentation by the Bowling Green Assembly Plant’s assistant plant manager Nora Roper.

It’s been over a year now that tours at the Corvette assembly plant have closed and since then the plant has undergone refurbishment and a major realignment of the assembly process. With the plant expected to be closed at least through the end of this year, these updates offer an insiders view that Corvette enthusiasts crave.

In this seminar which was captured by our friend Jeremy Welborn, Nora Roper does a great job in sharing many of the new changes at the plant with videos showing how the new assembly process. Some of the videos share before and after takes like how the marriage between the chassis and te body of the car were done before and then after the new plant upgrades. The new paint shop which cost GM nearly $500 million is now the most advanced paint shop in the country and Nora talks about some the features like the limestone filtration system and our favorite feature which is the panel vending machine.

Another great part of the presentation was seeing all the employee interactions and Nora talks about all the community involvement that the plant’s employees and management participate in. We have the best autoworkers in the country working at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant and it’s great seeing them recognized for their contributions.

Here is the one-hour seminar in its entirety. I can tell you that Nora speaks softly and her videos were very loud so sound quality does suffer a bit. But hang with it as it’s currently the only opportunity to see how America’s favorite sportscars are assembled.

Jeremy Welborn / YouTube

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