[VIDEO] Brian Hobaugh and His 1965 Corvette at the Goodguys AutoCross


[VIDEO] Brian Hobaugh and His 1965 Corvette at the Goodguys AutoCross

We’ve talked about Brian Hobaugh and his red 1965 Corvette that’s been set up as an autocross racer several times before. It’s a great story as Brian’s dad had purchased the 1965 Corvette for autocross competition back in 1983 and now 35-some years later, his son Brian is a renowned autocross champion with the same Sting Ray.

The 1965 Corvette has had three owners previous to when Brian’s family purchased the car. It’s powered by a 365 small block stroker that generates 500-hp and 500 lb-ft of torque. The first owner had set up the car for autocross competition by cutting the fenders and adding flairs and larger tires. Outfitted with black bumpers, black wheels, and a unique plexiglass rear spoiler, the red Corvette is a well-known fixture today after appearing in multiple Goodguys and Optima Ultimate Sports Car competitions.

Brian and his Corvette were recently at a Goodguys AutoCross competition and one of his runs was posted to youtube.com. We have no idea what his time was or how he finished in the standings, but the magic of this video is just watching how Brian navigates his red Coupe around the course.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by a user named “importg37” and he captured over 50 participants of this Goodguys autocross competition including several other Corvettes. You can see them all on his YouTube channel.

importg37 / YouTube

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