[VIDEO] Mid-Engine C8 Corvette is Spotted and These Guys Go Nuts


[VIDEO] Mid Engine C8 Corvette Spotted and These Guys Go Nuts

I could imagine being pretty excited if I happened to come across a prototype mid-engine C8 Corvette just driving around. In fact, this video posted today on YouTube by user Kylen Collins shows how much excitement there is for the new Corvette. But please, no jumping out of your car to capture a pic!

The Corvette prototypes are now rolling in Florida and this sighting comes from Southwest Florida near Fort Myers. Kylen and his friend actually filmed the C8 Corvette for just over five minutes before the Corvette engineers pull off on a side road and the show comes to an end.

The C8 Corvette is pretty quiet in these videos (and wind noise is high with the windows down). But now and again you can hear what sounds like a Corvette V8 engine. The engineer does a good job of not getting on the throttle, which means you get video of a C8 Corvette just putting along like this. Check out all three videos below:

Kylen Collins

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