GM Sends Letters to Selected Corvette Owners of Potential C7 Corvette Fuel Tank Leak


GM Sends Letter to Selected Corvette Owners of Potential C7 Corvette Fuel Tank Leak

During the last couple of weeks in May, General Motors began sending letters to owners of C7 Corvettes to notify them of a potential issue with their Corvette’s fuel tanks. Based on those chiming in on the forums, the notice covers Corvettes built from 2014-2017 and includes all models (Stingray, Grand Sport and Z06).

In the letter GM says the following:

“This letter is intended to make you aware that some 2016 model year Chevrolet Corvette vehicles may have a condition where cracks on the top surface of the left fuel tank pump module flange, may cause fuel odor, or a loss of fuel on the ground. A Check Engine lamp may illuminate if the fuel tank is less than half full.”

A copy of the letter (via GM Canada) to a 2016 Corvette owner can be viewed here:

GM Sends Letter to Selected Corvette Owners of Potential C7 Corvette Fuel Tank Leak

For those C7 Corvettes that may be impacted by this fuel tank issue, GM has automatically added a supplemental extended warranty to your Corvette. The special extended coverage is for 10 years from the date your vehicle was originally placed into service or 120,000 miles, whichever occurs first. The extended warranty would only cover repairs to the fuel tank and related systems during that time period.

An owner on the Corvette Forum that goes by the handle of rmorin1249 says his Corvette suffered from the leaking fuel issue and has since been fixed:

“I think it was the seal around the fuel sending unit. Very strong fuel smell especially when parked in a closed garage. Repair required disassembling the rear half of the undercarriage and dropping both tanks. A real PITA. Dealer did a good job but car was out of service for several weeks.” He adds that he is “not an attorney but I feel this is a very serious potential safety issue. If you smell raw fuel, take your car to a GM dealer immediately.

To see if your 2014-2017 Corvette is one of those with the potential issue, you can check your vehicle at or call Chevrolet customer assistance (with VIN in hand) at 800-222-1020 to see if your Corvette has the new supplemental “Special Coverage #17469”

Chevrolet is calling this an extended service warranty. It covers the left side fuel tank and related parts, including the primary fuel pump, though is primarily for cracks on the top of the tank itself. Symptoms include: check engine light, smelling fuel vapor, and/or fuel leaks on the surface below the car.

The good news is that it’s doesn’t appear that the leaky gas tank issue is widespread with just several cases reported that we could count on the forum. Previous generation Corvettes from the C5 and C6 years have also had their own issues with the fuel tanks so we’re glad to hear that Chevrolet is aware of the issue and special coverages have already been put into place.

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  1. I find it particularly disturbing that GM continues to sell the Z06 with the cooling issue, with NO “fix” for any of us!
    My Z06 went into limp mode driving downhill out of the Sierra Mountains following traffic at around 40mph. The outside air temperature got up to 103, but the engine temperature was just over 200. I really don’t feel that I can trust the car to go on a vacation to the southwestern states. Thanks GM, for looking out for your customers.

  2. I’m sorry, General Motors recalled the Fiero, EACH Fiero, a relatively inexpensive car, TWICE, for potential engine fires. Lessee, for Corvette owners living in McMansions: gasoline, gasoline fumes, sparks from electric (and natural gas) appliances in your home, and a reaky leaky fuel tank in your $75,000 C7 ride. Nice prescription for disaster. And all buyers of avg $75,000 reaky leaky Corvettes get is a lousy letter advising “DO NOT CONTACT YOUR DEALER UNTIL YOU SMELL GAS; OR YOUR HOUSE BLOWS UP!” IS that the same letter they sent to the death-assisting Chevy ignition switch car owners? Can I Lemon Law this loser for this? I think lemons smell better than gas.

  3. And NOT one recall for my and others 2015 C7 that lost both fuel tank senders, resulting in gas gauges reading EMPTY all the time…and with no Dealer on the Big Island Hawaii to fix the 14 hr dealer job (dropping drive line and both exhaust lines to remove both gas tanks to replace float sensors) So after trying 7 local repair shops with no luck I still have the problem and JN chevrolet on the other island of Oahu hawaii will fix it under warranty but won’t cover the shipping cost (they shipped the car to me free of charge when I bought the car but refuse to cover the cost of shipping to do the warranty work) ….

  4. This does not really surprise me My 2016 ZO6 has been a disaster since day one. The car fax looks like this car was delivered to me with most assembly and repairs req’d. Including a new engine at about 15,000 miles. GM should have bought this car back or at least offered to replace it. Now I’ve got this fuel tank to look forward to… but only if it starts to leak. I can not believe this letter, which I got about 5 days ago, says”don’t have it checked unless you smell gas”. Gm’s product liability people must be nuts…hey there genius’s… the ignition key thing? That did not go so well, did it!

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