[VIDEO] Mobil 1 The Grid Shows Corvette Racing’s Pride in Race Preparations


[VIDEO] Mobil 1 The Grid Shows Corvette Racing's Pride in Race Preparations

Our friends at Mobil 1 The Grid go behind the scenes with Corvette Racing to see how the team sets up and prepares for each race.

From garage set up to the drivers mentally preparing to hit the track for the first time, the professionals at Corvette Racing have the process down like the well-oiled machine they are.

Corvette Program Manager Doug Fehan says that going to the track on race morning never gets old:

“You know what you got lying ahead…you know the challenge that awaits you. And knowing that the world’s eyes are on us, that we are the bar…I’m not saying that it adds a little bit of pressure but what it does add is a little bit of pride. So you’re very proud of what you’ve done in the days leading up, you want to be just as proud as how you conduct yourself getting to that green flag, just as proud as how you conduct yourself during the race, and just as proud when that checkered flag drops.”

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