[ACCIDENT] C6 Corvette Jumps the Curb and Lands in a North Carolina Sandwich Shop


[ACCIDENT] C6 Corvette Jumps the Curb and Lands in a North Carolina Sandwich Shop border=

Photo Credit: Babette Augustin

You can see the relief on the face of an elderly man who accidentally crashed his blue C6 Corvette through the front of a sandwich shop in Fayetteville, North Carolina this week.

John D. Vaughn, 78, of Fayetteville hit the gas instead of the brake as he was trying to park outside the restaurant in Eutaw Shopping Center on Bragg Boulevard about 5 p.m. Wednesday.

The Corvette hit a support column outside the building, then broke through the front glass and knocked out the brick wall below.

“We were about to close and I heard a crash,” restaurant owner Frank Fernandez said. “I saw the car lunge, then it stopped, then it lunged again through the window.”

As the car kept rolling inside the restaurant, Fernandez leaped into action, jumping across tables to get to his 8-year-old son, Paxxon, who was standing in the middle of the shop.

The dad grabbed Paxxon and dragged him out of the way of the Corvette, which ended up about a foot away from them, pinning the young boy between the food counter and the wheel well of the car.

Fortunately, Paxxon and his hero father suffered only cuts and bruises and were treated at the scene. You can see the photo of a rescue worker carrying the boy out of the sandwich shop as the driver of the Corvette, blood dripping from his forehead, watches with concern. Vaughn was then carried to Cape Fear Medical Center for treatment.

His Corvette was towed away from the scene on a flatbed wrecker.

Meanwhile, the sandwich shop expects to be open for business again sometime next week.

“It looks worse than it is,” said the shopping center’s owner, Cam Stout of Stout Properties Inc.


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