[POLL] What’s on your Corvette Christmas List?


[POLL] What's on your Corvette Christmas List?

Well the calendar has officially clicked over to December, Christmas songs are all over the radio, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is in full rotation on TV. That obviously means that Christmas is just over a week away.

So as we wrap up the year, reset, and spend time with family and friends it’s also time to assemble that magical list, check it twice, and hope that Santa brings you everything you asked for. As Corvette enthusiasts, I’m sure most of you have some (alright, a lot of) Corvette-related items on your list this year.

My list contains some small, miscellaneous bits for my recently acquired 1972 convertible Corvette, a few tools to add to my tool box, and the usual assortment of gift cards to my favorite stores around town.

So what’s on your Corvette Christmas list this year? Does your list contain Corvette parts and accessories? What about that super cool Corvette Racing tool box from Sonic tools? We’re sure everyone would like a trip to Spring Mountain’s School of High Performance Driving. Maybe you’d just rather go all in and get a New or classic Corvette?

This week’s Friday Poll allows you to tell us what you’d like Santa to leave under your tree (or in your garage) this year. Don’t see your item below? Chime in below in the Comments section.

What's on your Corvette Christmas List?

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If you have any great Christmas ideas you would like to share, let us know in the comments below!

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