[POLL] What Should My Next Corvette Be?


[POLL] What Should My Next Corvette Be?

It’s time once again for one of our Friday Polls where you, our readers, get to vote on a given topic. In the past we’ve asked you about the best Corvette colors for 2017 and the best portions of the major Corvette shows. This time, however, you get to help me out.

Over the last several years my 1972 LT-1 coupe showed up in various CorvetteBlogger articles including storage tips, my experience with NCRS judging, and even when I decided to sell it a couple years ago.

Eventually I elected to keep the car, and last weekend we posted about my experience at Bloomington Gold back in late June. Since then I’ve been driving the car periodically, participated in a couple of shows, and was invited to display it in the Corvette Generations display at Corvettes on Woodward and also in the NCRS Gallery at Corvettes at Carlisle in August.

1972 Corvette LT-1 at Bloomington Gold

While getting the car cleaned up for the display in the NCRS tent early Thursday morning at Carlisle I struck up a conversation with a gentleman who stopped by to look over my car. Long story short, after about 45 minutes went by he became the next caretaker of my car following a completely impromptu sale. So as Carlisle was wrapping up a couple days later on Sunday afternoon I helped him load it up on his trailer for transport to its new home. Meanwhile, my trailer came back to the Motor City Bureau empty. Certainly didn’t see that one coming when I left for Carlisle.

Now comes the next question. What should I get next?

I know what I want, but let’s see what the CorvetteBlogger readers think I should look for. I’ve always been partial to the C3’s and C4’s which can be seen in my list of targets below. I’ve never owned a convertible Corvette so I’m definitely going to try to change that this time around. As always I want to find something unique – something different than the next guy has. Hence the choices I’ve come up with below. While not terribly rare, they are all relatively low production and can be hard to find in good condition.

What’s up with the late C3’s you ask? Well to satisfy my NCRS and Bloomington bugs I would consider a super low mile unrestored car, like 5,000 miles or less to campaign at the various events. Ultimately I’d rather have something that can be driven often and enjoyed, but I’m always up for something I can learn from and run through the various judging systems.

Here’s the list of cars I’m considering. Cast a vote for your favorite below. You’ll note all of the options below are better than the 2 options we’ll be voting on come November.

What Should My Next Corvette Be?

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 [POLL] What Should My Next Corvette Be?  [POLL] What Should My Next Corvette Be?  [POLL] What Should My Next Corvette Be?
 [POLL] What Should My Next Corvette Be?  [POLL] What Should My Next Corvette Be?  [POLL] What Should My Next Corvette Be?

Better idea: have one or know of one of these cars for sale? Email me at [email protected].

Photos courtesy of CorvetteImages.com

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  1. One of my previous Corvettes was a new ’71 Corvette Convertible in Ontario Orange with a Black interior and top. Yeah it didnt have the 370 horsepower of a ’70 but the 330 horsepower was enough to satisfy me. That 330 horsepower must have been Clydesdale sized horses. Wishing I never sold it, would like to find out whatever happened to it, 194671S101719. Good luck in your search and decision. Peace,,,,,, Craig M. Bryda

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