[POLL] Where Will the C8 Corvette be Revealed?


[POLL] Where Will the C8 Corvette be Revealed?

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These are interesting days in the Corvette hobby. We sit in a unique position. On one hand, we have the current generation C7 now entering its 5th year of production. We’ve got the best Corvette ever in Stingray, Grand Sport, and Z06 flavors. On the other hand, we’re now hearing that the 2018 model year will be done by January. Roughly a four-month run give or take. Is the end of the C7 era near already?

Then there are all those rumors floating around these here interwebs. By now you’ve probably seen the spy photos of what most everyone believes to be the next ZR1. School of thought is that we’ll be seeing a formal reveal of that car in the coming weeks with its assortment of aero bits and rumored LT5 engine producing north of 700hp.

On top of all that innuendo, we’ve all heard and seen the rampant speculation about a new mid-engine Corvette. Recently we even saw some prototypes roaming the streets of Michigan. Earlier this week some purported C8 body panels even showed up on the Corvette Forum. While talks of a mid-engine Corvette has been around for decades, it now appears that we’re on the cusp of seeing one on the road. Soon.

So that begs the question, “When will we see it?” Around the CorvetteBlogger regional offices, we’re fairly certain that the mid-engine C8 will be first shown at the 2019 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Frankly, it just makes sense to debut potentially the most noteworthy Corvette ever on the auto industry’s biggest stage. But the appearance of those body panels along with road-going prototypes could indicate a more accelerated timeline. Could we see the C8 sooner than 2019? If so, where would be? If the C7 ZR1 is revealed in late 2017, GM will certainly want to ride that wave as long as can before turning the Corvette world upside down with the C8.

In the past we’ve seen new Corvette models or special editions debut in Detroit, Sebring, Frankfurt, and Daytona among other locales. Could GM throw us curve ball this time? Since the C8 appears to be a major change for Corvette, could they reveal it in a completely new way? Maybe at the NCM Bash next April? Or what about the biggest enthusiast events like Bloomington Gold or Corvettes at Carlisle?

Three years ago we simply asked you Will GM build a mid-engine Corvette? That answer now appears to be a yes. So while the C8 finishes its development we’ll let the rumor mill do its thing and attempt to predict what the boys in Warren, Michigan are up to. Meanwhile, we can attempt to prognosticate its public debut in the poll below. What are your thoughts on when and where we’ll see the C8 officially revealed? Don’t see your spot in the poll? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section

Where will the C8 Corvette be revealed?

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  1. Since I just bought a new 17 GS this year my only interest is an electric Corvette. That is the future and I also know that my 17 could turn into a really nice looking full size scale model in the near future.

  2. Corvettes at Carlisle is BIG for the “Corvette Hobby” but not big for the Automotive WORLD. Daytona is big for a High Performance model, yet GM passed on introducing the ZR1 there. WHY? Because Daytona is not big enough – not publicized enough, not a big enough stage for the ZR1. AND: Chevy has known, at least since January 2017 (the last NAIAS) that the C8 would not ready by Jan 2018 (NAIAS). GM Marketing convinced the powers that be to shorten the 2018 model year in order to re-set the Corvette model year so that the ZR1 can debut in 2018 and the C8 in 2019 at the respective NAIAS shows.
    I should also point out that we have heard for YEARS now, that the C7 will continue to be sold along side the C8 for at least one year. How likely is this? Well, GM has a MAJOR investment in the ZR1. Much more than…say the Z06. More trips to the Nurburgring, lots and LOTS of development. Do YOU think GM will sell the C7 ZR1 for only one year, then replace it with one model of the C8? The C8 at Intro needs to be more perfect and problem free than any new gen in the past – to stave off critics of the platform change.

  3. Your assuming the mid-engine is a Corvette. Remember the Prototype Class race cars were changed to Cadillac. And in the past Boling Green assembled a Cadillac version of the Corvette. Why wouldn’t GM make it a Cadillac where the price point is much higher than Chevy. And lastly why mess up a good thing like a C7 style vehicle. Just thinking.

  4. The mid-engine tooling (weld fixtures/robotics) and assembly lines are being installed at Bowling Green Corvette Assembly now. It will not be a Cadillac….yet. Corvette’s first.

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