[VIDEO] Genovation to Begin Production of C7-Based Electric Corvette


[VIDEO] Genovation to Begin Production of C7-Based Electric Corvette

Rumors about an electric Corvette from General Motors have been going around for the past few months.

But there”s already an electric Corvette being developed by Genovation Cars, the company that brought you the C6-based GXE that set a world record electric car speed record at 209 mph earlier this year.

Now Genovation is gearing up to produce GXEs based on the C7 Corvette for consumers like you and I.

To do so, the company just announced two key partnerships that will help make its vision of building a vehicle that stylishly blends performance and clean energy technology into a reality.

“We wanted to take the GXE, an all-electric supercar, to the next level,” explains Andrew Saul, founder and CEO of Genovation Cars. “To do so, we incorporate all the data learned breaking world records, into the next-generation GXE. With this wealth of information and some aggressive targets for improvements, we were looking for a company who could meet us there.”

[VIDEO] Genovation to Begin Production of C7-Based Electric Corvette

They actually chose two companies to help with their mission – Prefix Corporation, a Michigan-based design and engineering company to focus on vehicle engineering, integration, prototyping, and vehicle production planning, and Stafl Systems, a California-based company charged with working on electrical systems, battery-pack integration, powertrain refinement, and performance.

“What drew Genovation to Prefix was their passion for their work and their commitment to quality,” Saul explains in a new video showcasing the work done by its new partners, as well as prototypes of the GXE now under development. “When you sit in one of their interiors, you sense the quality immediately, and that”s what we wanted for the GXE. Each vehicle is hand painted and hand buffed with exceptional attention to detail.”

Prefix President Eric Zeile says when Genovation broke the speed record, it exceeded the world”s expectations for what an all-electric car could accomplish. “And we knew we wanted to be a part of that,” he says. “Our technique is all about craftsmanship. We”re meticulous because we”ve found it”s the only way to achieve a superior quality finish.”

[VIDEO] Genovation to Begin Production of C7-Based Electric Corvette

Saul says the decision to bring Prefix and Stafl on line has resulted in an “automotive dream team.”

“Stafl Systems in San Francisco is rigorously testing and perfecting our battery technology and updating software to ensure that all systems work together seamlessly,” he says, “while Prefix is refining the look of the GXE to meet our standards of luxury, style, and performance.

“This blending of craftsmanship and technology, artistry and innovation,” Saul says, “it”s a world-class combination. This is our vision – get ready for the GXE.”

The production car could make its debut at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in early 2018. We can”t wait to see what this dream team is capable of.


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