[VIDEO] LMR Claims Title as World’s Fastest Corvette ZR1


[VIDEO] LMR Claims Title as World's Fastest Corvette ZR1

It was back in May that we brought you the news of Late Model Racecraft’s 1500 hp twin turbo Corvette ZR1 that ran 231 mph at the Texas Mile to claim the title as World’s Fastest Corvette in the Standing Mile. Not content to rest on their laurels, the Houston-based tuner has turned some wrenches on another Corvette ZR1 which they claim is now the fastest Corvette ZR1 in the world!

Like its Standing Mile cousin, this Black Corvette ZR1 features a fully customized twin-turbo setup with new headers and high-flow catalytic converters. Horsepower is said to be 1,500 – at the wheels!

In this run captured on video, the LMR-tuned Corvette ZR1 ran 9.68 seconds in the quarter mile with an exit speed of 147 mph.

That run, according to Late Model Racecraft, makes this the world’s fastest Corvette ZR1. And while we appreciate their efforts and enjoy the entertainment of watching a 9.68 second Corvette ZR1, consider the time and money that went into the LMR Corvette ZR1 vs this otherwise stock Corvette ZR1 (with drag radials) that ran the quarter mile last week at MIR in 10.33 seconds at 133 mph.


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  1. Fun video, but good point Keith that all the time and whatnot that went into that car is for what amounts to a very small amount of time/speed. It’s also a testament to GM that their stock car can perform like that (and, say, around the ‘Ring).

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