The Detroit News Announces Winners of its Corvette SUV Design Contest


The Detroit News Announces Winners of its Corvette SUV Design Contest

We told you about a Detroit News story a few weeks ago that brought up the idea of spinning off the Corvette brand into a full lineup that might include an SUV.

Well, the Detroit News took it a step further and invited its readers to submit entries to a Corvette SUV Design Contest.

Now, winners have been selected by ex-Corvette engineer Tom Wallace, Detroit News design chief Jamie Hollar, and News auto critic Henry Payne.

We like the renderings, but now that we’ve seen them outside our mind, we’re not so sure that Corvette needs to be turned into an SUV after all.

The winner is Raymond Dong of Dearborn, Mich., whose SUV “is boldly rendered with draftsmanship that pushes the boundaries of Corvette’s current design language with sharp edges and fuller headlights,” according to the News. Added Wallace: “The winner is very modern-looking and has some nice edges. A little work on the lower grille opening would make it the perfect Corvette SUV.”

Second place went to Andrew Kear of New Jersey (image shown above), who included three exterior views with rear fender vents and even interior instrumentation with a digital speedometer. Says Hollar: “Loved having every view of the Corvette ute including interior. Not sure the concept captures Corvette uniqueness as well as the other entries.”

Rory Williams of Farmington Hills, Mich., was third place with a “skillfully rendered ‘Vette wagon” that was called “mouthwatering” by the News.

Said Payne: “We need more wagons with center quad pipes!”

So what do you think? I like the idea of having more Corvettes of any kind, but after seeing these drawings, I’m not sure if maybe we shouldn’t leave well enough alone and just be satisfied with having the greatest sports car in the world.

Check out the Detroit News to see all three Corvette SUV Designs.


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