[ACCIDENT] Atlanta City Truck Rolls on Top of a 1998 Corvette


[ACCIDENT] Atlanta City Truck Rolls On Top a 1998 Corvette

Photo Credit: Linda Stouffer / Twitter

Check out these dramatic photos following an early morning accident in midtown Atlanta!

Normally, when a vehicle ends up on top of a Corvette, its usually from the front due to the Corvette’s wedge shape design. But this Ford Truck owned by the City of Atlanta had no problems going right over the back of the car, smashing everything up to the drivers cockpit.

WSB-TV’s Linda Stouffer reported the accident through a series of tweets this morning:

Glad to hear the driver is okay as no doubt that was a scary incident. On the plus side, he may be able to move to a C7 Stingray following a settlement with the City.

Linda Stouffer / WSB-TV

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  1. I also own a 1998 Corvette. These pictures are amazing! I am sorry to see that this C-5 is soooooo banged up. Hope that the owner finds another ride.

  2. Funny, that just last month, I was rear-ended in my daily driver…. I was planning to drive for 5 more years then trading my C5 (2004) for a new Vette. I now own a new 2017 C7. If no one was hurt… maybe good news!

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