[VIDEO] Corvette Racing’s Milner and Gavin Talk C7.R Safety on Mobil 1 The Grid


[VIDEO] Corvette Racing's Milner and Gavin talk C7.R Safety on Mobil 1 The Grid

You always hear about race teams talking about drivers safety but at Corvette Racing, it’s a top priority.

Crashes will always be part of racing and lord knows we’ve seen some bad ones over the years in both the C6.Rs and C7.Rs. Thankfully, our drivers have always been able to walk away to race another day.

In this latest episdoe of Mobil 1 The Grid, we go behind the scenes with Corvette Racing drivers Tommy Milner and Oliver Gavin to learn more about some of the protective technologies found in the Chevrolet Corvette C7.R.

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