Dark Window Tints Sends This C7 Corvette to a Canadian Impound Lot for 30 Days


Dark Window Tints Sends This C7 Corvette to a Canadian Impound Lot for 30 Days

We love the look of this black C7 coupe that carries the “dark” theme all the way over to the windows and taillights.

But we understand why the legal community might not be as loving.

In this case, Bick_c7, a member of Corvette Forum, had to do without his beautiful C7 for a month after he was charged with violating the law for window and tail lamp tinting in British Columbia, Canada.

By the way, it seems every day we are writing a story about a Corvette being impounded in Canada (for excessive speeding in two earlier cases). It’s enough to make a Corvette owner paranoid.

I haven’t put any tint on my C7 yet, but I plan to do so on the windows and back glass in the coming months because it just makes a Corvette look even meaner.

While we understand that owners want to make their Stingrays look as cool as possible, we likewise understand why police officers might feel threatened pulling up to this car when they can’t see who or what is waiting for them behind that dark glass. Likewise, a quick search on the Web explained why it’s frowned upon to tint tail lamps – the brake lights must be visible 500 to 1,000 feet when brakes are applied. Too much tint might interfere with that.

Maybe it’s best to do the really dark tints on show cars that don’t see the road. But if an owner is willing to lose his car for a month while driving on the roads in Canada, he or she is the one paying the freight and certainly has that option.

So what’s your take on this penalty? Is it government meddling or protecting the safety of the general public? Also, do you think it’s harder to tell if a car is braking when the tail lamps are tinted?

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  1. Would be interesting to know if all windows were tinted and to what percentage of light transmitance..

  2. BC takes an extreme stance on vehicle restrictions and penalties. Its ridiculous. For example:
    -40 KPH over the speed limit gets you towed and impounded, 30 days
    -if you are caught driving over the limit with another vehicle in a manner that the officer feels is street racing, both cars are confiscated, sold, govt keeps the money
    -front license plate is required for all vehicles
    -blow .08 and you are charged with FELONY DUI, auto loss of license for a year, you can never travel to the US again

    This is the first time Ive seen anyone towed for tint. Thats brutal.

  3. The car was impounded for nearly a month for tinted windows? Wow, in the usa you would only receive a monetary ticket and would have to show the judge evidence the tints were removed. No impound. Crazy stuff.

  4. Tint is ok as long as it meets legal requirements for the state or country you are in. In Tennessee U.S.A. , the maximum tint for back and side windows is 35 percent. Always carry installer certification paper work that states percent in vehicle. It will also be needed in a courtroom appearance if the officer writes a citation.

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