Another Canadian Corvette Impounded for Speeding After Shop’s Mechanic Takes it for Joyride


Another Canadian Corvette Impounded for Speeding After Shop's Mechanic Takes it for Joyride

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Remember the C7 Corvette that was impounded last month by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police after the driver was caught speeding more than 25 mph over the limit?

Now we hear that another Corvette has been impounded in Canada after the driver was nabbed on radar doing more than 70 km/h (43 mph) over the speed limit back in mid-November.

The worst part about this story, though, is that the owner wasn’t even the one driving the car at the time of the ticket! It was his mechanic who had been warned by the owner not to drive the car because the brakes were so bad.

At least that’s the word from Bill Emblau, who says the Corvette in question belongs to a friend who races at Kelowna’s tracks. He declined to name the owner or the mechanic but notes that the driver was doing a whopping 177 km/h (109 mph).

Not the smartest thing to do considering the harsh penalties for speeding in Canada, not to mention the fact that the brakes had been worn down to the metal.

“When the brake pads wear out, it’s metal to metal, and … there’s no braking going on here, it’s bad,” Emblau said. “That guy should not have been doing anything in that car, let alone at 160 when there’s metal-to-metal brakes. There’s no braking.”

The owner did manage to get his Corvette back after seven days, and believe it or not, he’s taking it easy on the mechanic, just asking for a new set of rotors and pads from the shop in Vernon.

Emblau says he will name the shop if it doesn’t comply with the owner’s request.

We think a brake job is more than fair to ask for, don’t you? Or what would you want to see done?


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