[ACCIDENT] C6 Corvette Goes Off Road to Avoid Out-of-Control Auto Transporter


[ACCIDENT] C6 Corvette Goes Off Road to Avoid Out-of-Control Auto Transporter

Photo Credit: flagerlive.com

The front of her car may be damaged, but the driver of an Atomic Orange 2009 Corvette coupe is likely just grateful she’s still alive to have the car repaired.

It all started at 10:30 Saturday morning in Flagler County, Fla., when the Corvette driver, Dr. Lydia Kefalidou of Palm Coast, noticed a tractor-trailer loaded with seven Toyotas seemed to be out of control and heading for her.

“I saw the guy coming fast, his wheels were off the road, he was leaning and the back of the truck was coming over to me so I went off the road because I thought he was going to kill me,” said Kefalidou, who quickly steered her Corvette onto the east shoulder into the grass before striking a guard rail.

The trucker, 25-year-old Jorge Luis Ramos Mora of St. Cloud, Fla., apparently lost control of the truck as he failed to negotiate the turn near Oak Trails, according to a Florida Highway Patrol investigator. He struck a guard rail and overcorrected, causing him to enter the road again and go sideways across both lanes of Old Kings Road before overturning. The cab of the truck ended up in a ditch, and the cars it was hauling ended up vertical on their passenger side – with one dumped completely off the truck.

The investigator said they haven’t determined if the driver was speeding or was on Old Kings Road trying to avoid the Department of Transportation’s weigh station on I-95. So many truckers had taken to using the road to evade the weigh station that DOT now uses surveillance cameras at entrances and exits to the interstate to monitor the situation.

Charges against the trucker are pending further investigation. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident.


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